Our resident MMA expert Turd Ferguson addresses recent MMA news and notes.

Hershel Walker is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, and sprinkled with a little bit of crazy. Walker has had only one professional fight and is scheduled to fight again for Strikeforce on January 29th, yet he has some ideas about how to improve his latest athletic endeavor.

“I think the fighters in the sport are just now starting to make good money,” Walker [said]. “The promoters are making good money, and sooner or later the fighters should start making good money. Some of them make OK money but not great money. But the way the contracts are written for the UFC, sooner or later there needs to be a union. I think a union should come in.”

A union could help protect fighters from shenanigans like this and would give fighters some basic levels of health benefits in a brutal sport. But, this is America, and what’s good for one fighter, say with mental health issues (cough, War Machine, cough) may not be good for all fighters. This is also “AMERICA,” and if we want to get beaten unconscious, and then lick our wounds with a bottle and a babe, then so be it (cue the National Anthem, light the sparklers). Walker also thinks that MMA should be an Olympic sport. Agreed. If ice skating is an Olympic sport, then why not haul out the octagon and give it a try? Also, mud wrestling.

(Language NSFW, but Safe For Kickin’ Ass)

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