Planned Parenthood nightmare and Maury Povich guest-finalist Antonio Cromartie’s day job is as a member of the New York Jets, a lofty team of hungry veterans and hungrier hippos coaches.

March 9, 1776 philosopher Adam Smith published his seminal work on classic economic theory entitled “Wealth of Nations,” which went on to influence our nation’s very first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton, in turn, is largely responsible for our entire economy, including the bundling of the states’ debts in order to issue bonds to create investors out of our young nation’s citizens in order to fund the growth of our military to protect our nation.

It’s now increasingly likely that Cromartie has not only read this classic American work, but that he has taken its timeless lessons to heart. For you see, dear reader, Cromartie prefers to leverage his abilities against all bidders and invite all NFL owners to compete for his services, maximizing his value as a laborer.

Hum the national anthem for me, ESPN:

“I’m not giving anybody a hometown discount,” Cromartie said during an interview with Sirius XM Radio. “I’m definitely going to see what the organization says and also let them know I want to go out and test the market and see where my value is.”

We’ve been critical of athletes who have encouraged socialism on this website in the past. But this is America, and we are all free to have differing views, even if they are wrong, and dangerous to our country. So if you disagree, perhaps you and your Communist friends (cough) Herschel Walker (cough) would like to go hit a Fidel Castro rally while me and my capitalist friends go make it rain in the club (throw change until we’ve kicked out).

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