Only Vegas can give people the chance to enjoy hookers in every sense of the word. The USA Rugby Sevens were on ABC opposite the Olympics this past weekend. It’s an underrated tournament and a great chance to check some rugby in Vegas between visits to the Bunny Ranch and Spearmint Rhino.

We don’t pay enough attention to rugby on the Deuce. Maybe it’s because we don’t understand it that well. However you have to appreciate a sport where people try to kill each other without pads. Here are a couple rugby commercials that show different sides of the game.

1. The Scottish answer to the Haka. Rugby plus whiskey? Check and mate.

More videos after the jump.

2. An ad promoting rugby at the expense of soccer. We love the beautiful game but they do have a point here. Players like Ronaldo, Gerrard and Dani Alves should be familiar with this style.

3. Nike rugby. How hip.

4. More whiskey and rugby. I’m beginning to see a trend.

Wait Australia has Johnny Walker’s in cans?? Great googly moogly! God bless those resourceful convicts.

5. Adidas rugby commercial. The Haka will always be bad ass.

6. If you’ve followed the Deuce for a while, you’ll recognize this one. It’s our favorite inspirational speech in addition to being our favorite rugby video. Language definitely NSFW.

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