If you feel like fucking, well come on. It’s up to you! Actually it isn’t if you’re staying in Swaziland during next year’s World Cup in South Africa. The Swazi police took time out from finding new teenage wives for the king in order to ban prostitution thanks to a law that’s been on the books since the 1800s.

All is not lost for our soccer fans cum sex tourists.

“During the 2010 World Cup tournament, we are expecting tourists from all walks of life,” [Bongani Dlamini, a spokesman for the local organising committee] said. “After we have taken a decision on prostitution, we will then make a statement or even advise the tourists accordingly.

“For example, when a tourist who needs the services of a sex worker arrives and finds that prostitution is prohibited, we will advise him accordingly that he has to propose for love to a Swazi girl first and then consent for sex.”

“Yeah whatever. Sure I love you. Now take off your shirt.” If that’s all it takes to get some Swazi love for the night, I’ll go one step further in taking it back to the old school. A guy I knew in college used to ask his hookups if they wanted a pizza then bail after the deed. Hookers take pizza in lieu of cash, right? A Domino’s Pizza has to be worth more than 100,000,000 Swazi Lilangeli. Oh wait, that’s Zimbabwe. Imagine if I gave her Little Caesar’s. Two pizza pizzas? Two chicks at the same time. Beautiful.

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