A 12 year old kid could be the next Shaun White or Tony Hawk.  Tom Schaar has landed what used to be an impossible move, a 1080.  That’s right, 3 full rotations, 1080 degrees around and 100% impressive.  Check out this little bit of skateboarding history being made in the video below (the magic moment starts at about 1:10) :

Most impressive but surely this kid will have a knock against him in that he did the trick on Red Bull’s Megaramp, which is by no means a standard ramp. One has to wonder if other skaters can get enough speed and height to do this trick on this ramp once they get the chance? Sure it takes an incredible amount of body control and balance to do it, but that ramp had to help out getting him high enough in the first place.

Still, its very impressive and certainly nothing that Tony Hawk or Shaun White has accomplished on a skateboard. Its been about 13 years since that day in 1999 when Tony Hawk hit the 900 and now that trick has finally been surpassed. Young Tom Schaar just might have a bright future ahead.

Tony Hawk’s children are getting spoiled

Tony Hawk has been called the Michael Jordan of skateboarding, which is a bit ridiculous because skateboarding is an individual sport, not a team one. But then you read stuff like this and you realize that maybe they didn’t mean it like you originally thought.

Tell me you want sole custody People magazine:

Tony Hawk’s third marriage is coming to an end.

The pro skateboarder, 42, filed for divorce from his wife, Lhotse Merriam, in North San Diego County, Calif., on Friday.

“We have made the difficult decision to file for divorce,” the couple say in a joint statement Monday.

It couldn’t have been that difficult. I mean yeah, he’s got a kid with her, but this guy is making money hand over fist and he is parking his car in a garage that I wouldn’t treat to White Castle after staining her upholstery and pulling a David Blaine on her.

Still, divorce can be tough on kids. But that’s why you have things like “two Christmases.” Divorced kids know what I am talking about! No self-respecting parent wants to be outdone by their ex at holiday time. It’s childish but we do what we can to buy our children’s love. Unless you’re me and you avoid your parental responsibilities altogether.

I refuse to play your little game you slut!

At First I Was Like Whoa, Then I Was Like WHOA!

So people flying down large hills on skateboards is pretty impressive to see, but we’ve probably all seen a video or two of it already. If you’ve seen a couple, you pretty much know what you’re in for. That’s what I was saying to myself when I first started watching this…until I got to 1:14 in the video. Right there is where I saw a dude rolling down a hill at 60m.p.h. wearing a short sleeved shirt, shorts and a helmet. He wasn’t even wearing any shoes.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of bad-ass. Watch for yourself.