Wonder if his mother or Delonte West jumped out of the cake.

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LeBron Invokes The Name Of Favre

Last night the Heat beat the Bucks in Milwaukee by 10, 88-78.  Before the game, LeBron James was asked if he can relate to Brett Favre because he too is hated by the team, city and/or state where he once played. LeBron’s answer was…typical LeBron.

“Brett (had) great years here in Green Bay, and any time a great competitor like that leaves, no one wants to see that, but they’ve done a great job of regrouping with Aaron Rodgers and I believe that Cleveland will do the same,” James said.

Thats our Bron Bron!  He was asked if he could relate and he said “any time a great competitor like that leaves, no one wants to see that”.  Sure no town wants to see their best player leave town, but c’mon the two situations and how they both went down were a little different.

Brett Favre, for all the crap he gets for what he’s done lately, did actually win a championship in Green Bay, a city as far from his hometown as can be. Also, Favre left town after being there for the vast majority of his career, winning said championship, waffling on retirement then essentially getting pushed out the door because the GM wanted to play his young backup quarterback who was going to split town if he didn’t get the chance to start over the old man that he was (and is) CLEARLY better than at this point in both their careers.

LeBron, on the other hand, left his hometown (or real close to it at least) in the prime of his career, without winning a single championship, to go play with his friends.  Meanwhile, his former team was left with a shell of a non-competitive roster in place and is facing the lottery for the conceivable future since their entire team is made up of players meant to compliment a player whom is no longer there…LeBron.

Sure, Cleveland will get over it just as fast as Green Bay!  Its totally the same situation! You are basically the black Brett Favre!

Well, come to think of it, while the situations for their departures from their former teams were different, the players themselves are kinda similar.  Both of them have to be in the top ten list of most selfish players in their respective sports, both of them whine a ton on their playing fields, and both of them are probably some of the most narcissistic and non-self aware people on the planet.

He might just be Black Brett Favre.  When do the Wrangler commercials start airing?

In continuing with the Deuce’s “All-LeBron, All the Time” coverage today, here is a commercial that Michael Jordan says he (and Nike) had nothing to do with.  You be the judge:

Yeah, I’m not buying it.  Either way, let’s not forget who still rules the basketball world when it comes to getting it done.

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The man sitting next to Michael Jordan in the picture above is legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield.  Take one look at Hatfield’s portfolio and you will quickly surmise he is responsible for some of the most iconic sneaker designs of all time.  Naturally, when Nike signed Jordan’s heir apparel apparent LeBron James, they assigned Hatfield to King James in order to develop the next line of legendary basketball shoes.  Just like Mike, right?  Well, not exactly.

Apparently, Hatfield jumped off the LeBron account because of the entourage Bron-Bron surrounded himself with (skip to 1:30):

Money quote [sic'd]:

Tinker stated that he used to work on the signature lines of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James; however, in regards to LeBron, he said, “I used to work on LeBron’s [shoe line], until his entourage kind of pissed me off.” He later stated that LeBron was ‘cool’ but his entourage is obviously Hatfield’s problem.

Now, let’s keep in mind that LeBron’s line of shoes and apparel do pretty well without Hatfield on board: the eighth edition of his shoe released last week with a $160 price tag and there is no doubt they’ll sell well.  However, none of the previous seven versions of his shoe have reached iconic status like Jordan’s — leading one to wonder if things might be different with someone like Hatfield on board.

Regardless of what LeBron’s biggest detractors have said about him, there isn’t much disagreement about the effort he puts in to becoming the best player he can be on the court.  However, Hatfield’s comments, taken within the context of “The Decision,” tend to make me think he could stand to put at least half as much effort in selecting the people he has represent him off the court.

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