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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Let The Muthaf**ka Burn

Fuck your couch, convict.

Luc Longley must have thought Bill Wennington was going to accept an Aussie cutting into his playing time. Nah playboy, Americans don't roll like that. Bill waited years to get his revenge like Mason Storm and it looks like he finally got it.

Luc Longley's house in Perth, Australia was destroyed in a fire last night. His family was in the house but Luc managed to get everyone out. No babies were eaten by dingos.

Other suspects include Paul Hogan, Yahoo Serious, the Energizer guy and the lead singer from Midnight Oil. Our money's on Bill.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

That Shit Just Be Callin' Me, Man

Scottie must be on the rock 'cause he's talking crazy and not making any sense. It's not going to be long before someone sees him running down a west Chicago street trying to steal a Christmas turkey.

Scottie turned up in Vegas this past weekend to declare his intent to return to the NBA as well as help stink up the joint during the non-sensical old timers, current timers, WNBA skills competition.

I see you, David Stern. You keep trying to sneak the WNBA in there like we're not going to notice. Fuck you for that.

Harvey Araton of the New York Times asked Scottie whether he felt that he received proper credit for the six championships won by the Bulls.

“I think people love me as much as they love Michael, the fans who understand the game,” Pippen said. “The G.M.’s, the coaches — I think they’d rather have a Scottie than a Michael.”

Sympathetic as I’ve always been to Pippen, it was all I could do not to gag on the why.

“Because I’m an all-around player,” he said. “I make people around me better.”

There was no word whether Stern would banish Pippen, as he did Hardaway, if only on grounds of basketball heresy.
Rather have a Scottie than a Michael? Scottie's as high as Pookie in the Enterprise Room. If he keeps this up, Michael might have to make him sit his five-dollar ass down so he can make change.

Sir Charles has always thought well of No Tippin' Pippen.
"Last year he came to Houston and had career lows in just about every statistical category and everybody said he (was horrible). Now all of his numbers are even lower and people are saying how great he is. He is the same player."
We can't wait until Phil calls a play for Kwame Brown in the playoffs and Scottie takes himself out of the game.
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