Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Constitutional - Vol. 1

We're going to try our hand at a link dump so we can feature a lot of the blogs that do a great job of making light of the day in sports. Mustafa and I are going to try to make this a daily thing...we'll see how that goes. Welcome to the Constitutional.

  • The Flyers don't have much to look forward to next year...except Orange Shirted Fat Guy. Barry Melrose Rocks

  • Dan Marino is making a movie about Sex Slaves in China. Sports By Brooks

  • Nationals "Racing Presidents" bobbleheads are coming and they look freaky. Nats 320

  • Never talk on your cell and weight lift at the same time - 100% Injury Rate

  • Patrick Kearny & Ron Mexico are not being treated the same. Double standard? The Starting Five

  • Flying dogs is a sport too...and not cruel. Fanhouse
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