Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh What A Feeling When We're Dancing On The Ceiling

"Oy! Sing Caribbean Queen!"
"Pipe down, Frankie! It's my wedding! Killer on the Rampage!"
"Eff off, guv! Make 'im sing both!"
"I’ve only got two more songs, please stick with me."
"Fuck off. It's my wedding and you'll sing what I bloody well want you to sing! Carefree wherever I may be, I am the famous CFC and I don't give a fuck wherever I may be (my wedding!). I am the famous CFC!"

Poor Lionel Richie. He gets almost £250,000 to fly over to England to perform at Chelsea and England captain John Terry's wedding and all hell breaks loose. The Sun reports that Richie was mercilessly heckled by wedding guests during his set.

The superstar was stunned when he was heckled by some of the multi-millionaire footballers at the lavish bash.

Lionel admitted afterwards that he thought he had taken a wrong turn and ended up in a local working men’s club rather than a WAG’s wedding.

The crooner was paid almost £250,000 to play at the reception at Blenheim Palace at the special request of bride Toni Poole.

But after his first song he had to ask guests — who included Wayne Rooney...Jamie Carragher and Frank Lampard — to pipe down.
They didn't even wait for him to start his second song "Hello" before they started "chanting back to him as if they were on the football ground terraces" after drinking copious amounts of champagne during the reception.

Terry's wife Toni was close to tears as she thought was would lose out on a wedding picture contract with OK! Magazine when Richie made a mistake and mentioned Hello magazine instead before he started his set.

Wayne Rooney's WAG, Colleen was desperately trying to keep his drinking under control.
A source said: “Coleen put him on a strict drinking ban.

“When the waiters were coming around offering more to drink she kept taking Wayne’s glass from him and saying, ‘He’s had enough’.

“The lads downed glasses of champagne like shots of shorts before the meal.

“She didn’t want the trouble she’s had with him before at big events when he’s had one too many.”
I'm sure Gary Neville and Michael Carrick's wedding was a more somber affair. After all, such affairs are not approved by the Church of England.
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