Thursday, June 21, 2007

Man Kicks Horse

Jockey Victor Molina is hoping for the best in his disciplinary hearing to be held on Friday after getting upset at the horse he was riding and kicking it in the gut. Yes, two-year-old colt Yes Yes Ohyes was attacked by the jockey on Monday at Philadelphia Park after the horse reared up in the starting gate, its head hitting Molina right in the chest, stunning, then angering him. After that, he got off the horse, took off the saddle...and swiftly kicked Yes Yes Ohyes in the belly. The Boston Herald has recounted this entire story and got these quotes from the jockey:

"I'm not the kind of person that people are making me out to be," Molina said today.
"The threat of knowing the horse could hurt you, if anything, got me upset," he said. "The idea that I could have got hurt, I just got mad at him. Maybe that's why I kicked him."
The article says that Molina has been a jockey at Philadelphia Park since 1988 and is normally quite kind to animals. Also, the racing director Al Sinatra ejected Molina from the park and suspended him indefinitely.

In hockey you can get 40 games to a season long ban for viciously attacking a player but in football you can step on a man's face and get a 5 game suspension in a 16 game year. What would all those Barbaro horse fanatics think of this guy, let alone the PETA people who are up in arms with the animal cruelty going on at the VA Michael Vick compound? They might want to burn him at the freakin stake! Maybe we should just go ahead and replace these jockeys with robots or something!

We couldn't find a video of this kick, even though it was caught by the simulcast cameras, but at least we did find this

Horse kick - MyVideo
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Mustafa Redonkulous said...

Likely story. Was it a Shetland pony? No way a midget kicks a horse in the stomach! Lies make baby J├ęsus cry.