Friday, June 22, 2007

Dont Tread on Me

What would you call a person who in their freshman season of college, tore up their knee in a tournament requiring major surgery, in their sophmore season, got hit by a car and needed another trip to the hospital, a week later put their hand through a window in their home...their home which later that year burned to the ground their junior year, this person barely escaping, and as if all that weren't enough, in their senior season on a trip to Mexico, got stung twice by a scorpion in their hotel? Unlucky? Tainted? Just Fucked? No, apparently you call her "Danger" least thats what her friends call her, yes and I said her.

Not quite the level of Rulon Gardner yet but Santa Clara volleyball star Kim McGiven is vying to be the female version of the Olympic least in terms of bad luck. The three-time first-team All-WCC and current WCC's Female Scholar Athlete of the Year is going pro and is playing in Spain next season...the Deuce hopes she makes it there and back alive.

I've had bad weeks before, I've even had a few pretty depressinly unlucky months, but to have a stretch where you needed major knee surgery, get hit by a car, put your hand through plate glass, have your house burn down, then, as the cherry on top, get stung twice by scorpions has got to be classified as...a bad bad stretch of luck. If I am Kim, and I am most certainly not, I am headed to Vegas and playing some craps. You gotta figure she is due for one of those hour long sessions of throwing the dice and not crapping out.

Still the scorpion stinging did remind me of possibly the greatest episode of SeaLab 2021 ever. I implore you to watch and brighten up your morning.

Story Source: San Francisco Gate
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