Friday, June 22, 2007

Kimbo Goes Mainstream

No longer satisfied with beatin the asses of fools who dare to challenge him to a fight in someone's ill-kept backyard, Kimbo Slice is hittin the big time. Kimbo is fighting in Cage Fury Fighting 5 in Atlantic City this Saturday, and if I didn't have a work event I would so be there.

Kimbo Slice is taking on former world heavyweight champion "Merciless" Ray Mercer in what is building to be, at least in my mind, one of the greatest MMA battles ever. I mean, neither one of these brawlers know any sort of martial art. One is a former highly skilled boxer and the other is a street fighter with no actual training whatsoever. This fight should be a classic, and one of the Deuce's readers must give us a tape or youtube or something of this(mail AT deuceofdavenport DOT com)and put 20 bucks down on 27 on the routlette wheel.

An intrepid writer for the Boston Globe actually sought out Kimbo for an interview and its freakin' classic with lines like this:

"With a [expletive] like me that comes from the streets, I know wassup. I'm not a top [expletive] that's gonna be running my mouth. I bought the streets like that cause that's how a lot of [expletive] eat.
Kimbo's career underground fighting record is 7-1 and the gamblers are betting on Mercer to win by KO, but I'm rootin for Kimbo. Here's some Kimbo in his prime. Fuck yea.
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Skin Patrol said...

Kimbo owns this fight. He's big time.

Chimpanzee Rage said...

Kimbo don't take no shit

Anonymous said...

Kimbo kicks ass and takes names later.

Anonymous said...

Kimbo once cured a man of blindness, the first, last and only thing that man saw was a roundhouse kick to his face.