Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Alexi Lalas Has Lost His F**king Mind

It's not clear whether it's the sun or bad chicken and waffles but something has made Alexi Lalas talk more crazy than normal.

"There's no accounting for bad taste," Lalas said in an exclusive interview with the Guardian. "That a segment of the world worships an inferior product in the Premiership is their business. English football now has the haves and the have-nots. It's just that the Premiership have become so skilled in presentation. They took a page out of American football and so now they have Saturday Showdowns and Super Sundays. I love it. This is high-calibre marketing - taking an inferior product and improving it through packaging."

"The experts in England talk about David Beckham as if he's going into semi-retirement. It's insulting to say Beckham is on his way to Hollywood when he's coming to play in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. There are a lot of stars who would struggle here.
Apparently Lalas hasn't watched his own product. Watching MLS games is similar to watching old people fuck. It's a mediocre product with a few highlights and good players who bounce to Europe as soon as they can except for Primadonovan. The Deuce is all about the growth and expansion of American soccer but don't get it twisted, it's still weak compared to the other major leagues around the world.

He does have a point here.
"There's this delusion that if it's English then it's great. But a whole world exists outside of England. That's reflected in the difficulties they had when everyone ran to the Premiership. Maybe it's OK for the fan but, for the average development of the players, their game is struggling."
There is some truth to that but it's not clear whether he understands the context. Either he's a great hype man who's trying to bring attention to the MLS or he's a delusional ex-player like Eric Wynalda. Either way, we can't wait to see how he responds when Beckham realizes he's basically playing in a rec league and his teammates can't put three passes together without giving it up or falling over.
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Trapper John said...

"Watching MLS games is similar to watching old people fuck."

This is so true.

Trapper John said...

"The Deuce is all about the growth and expansion of American soccer"

This is sort of true. Yeah, I want the US team to get better. But that's not going to happen if Americans try to stay in MLS rather than head to Europe. So I'm about the growth and expansion of US skills, but I could give a fuck about MLS> The success of MLS is no more integral to the furture of American soccer than the future of the Uruguayan league is to Uruguayan soccer.