Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reggie Theus to Coach Kings

Reggie Theus, former NBA "star" and most recently head coach of New Mexico State, has apparently agreed to become the newest head coach of the Sacramento Kings. The Deuce knew that Reggie had it in him to be a coach of a big time professional basketball team since we first saw him on the coaching circuits. Watch and be prepared to be amazed by his motivational ability to coach up some 5'5 white guys into doing spectacular layups and jump shots.

After watching that, Joe Maloof's words ring true:
“Reggie is a coach who has a tremendous passion and love for the game of basketball," said Kings' co-owner Joe Maloof. "He’s got a terrific work ethic, and I think that, combined with his passion for the game, will help lead us into the future.”
Reggie Theus, new head coach of the mighty Sacramento can he fail?

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