Ah Athens. The home of economic ineptitude, old school xenophobia and the meatapotamus. The glory days of the city-state are long gone. It’s anarchy in Greece.

Former Olympiakos manager Leonardo Jardim knew what he wanted and he knew how to get it which is why he’s looking for a hew job. He was fired by club president Jelene Trojanske for being the anti-christ in addition to an anarchist or in layman’s terms, banging his wife.

Olympiakos, currently undefeated and first in the league, removed Jardim last Saturday to the surprise of players and fans. He refused to comment beyond posting a brief message on Facebook.

Friends, I was removed from command of Olympiacos. At this point I can not answer your questions. Hug.

Hug? That’s what got Jardim in trouble in the first place. Word later came out that he had been having an affair with Trojanske’s wife.

Jardim’s lucky that he was coaching in Greece. If this happened in Eastern Europe or Russia, we would be talking about a kidnapping, disappearance, murder or all the above. Imagine him sleeping with the wife of Red Star Belgrade’s president. His family ending up in a mass grave would be getting off lightly.

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