Once upon a time, before athletes became acutely sensitive to every-little-slight or criticism, athletes used to be able to criticize each other with impunity. But then we had crap like Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire holding hands during the homerun chase, and applauding your competitors became the thing to do. In the age of 24/7 media, GOD FORBID we ever hear a disparaging word about an athlete on ANOTHER TEAM, or even admit that someone on your own team screwed up. Today we live in a society that gives every kid a trophy, and funds the WNBA.

Fortunately, Charles Oakley played during a different time when you not only talked sh*t, you also tried to harm your opponent. So when Oakley went on the Jim Rome radio show the other day we were all treated to a throwback roast fest of world-class pussies like Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins.

Thanks Probasketballtalk:

“Garnett left Minnesota and hollered and screamed and all that but hes not a tough guy,” Oakley said as Sports Talk Network shared with us. “He’s one of the weakest guys to ever play the game. He’s a complimentary player and went to Paul Pierce’s team and won a championship. I wouldn’t consider him a top 10 tough guy…

…“Barkley, for his size, was a good player but he’s a coward,” Oakley continued. “He was a good player for his size, but he wasn’t a leader and wasn’t a role model. Now he talks so bad about younger guys. I don’t respect that from him. He’s a fraud. He can criticize all the younger kids and if he got something to say, call them and talk to them before you just blast them. He’s wants to be funny, that whole TNT thing and all that, they’re like some clowns on that show”…

…Oakley wasn’t done there. He also said that Kendrick Perkins is similar to K.G. in that all he does is holler and complain, and that the Thunder would win championships if he would just play basketball. Oakley added that Perk’s attitude is the reason he got dunked on by Blake Griffin, and said throughout his 19-year career he only got dunked on three times. Somebody check the tape on that, please.

It’s a well known fact that Garnett is softer then baby food, but I like Oakley so I will just go ahead and agree with everything he said.

Years ago, I was in Chicago visiting my bigshot friends from college, and we saw Oakley and Michael Jordan in a roped off section at a club in the Gold Coast. When Oakley and Jordan left, they had a small army of little blondes with them, and packed them into a small fleet of Maybachs. Take notes, Brady Quinn, and you too could be departing with an army of blondes and a fleet of Maybachs.

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