Hall And Oates and the NBA, Its FANtastic

You can find some pretty fantastic things while browsing the interwebs.  Things like this classic 1987 commercial for the NBA featuring the yacht rock sounds of Hall and Oates providing a soundtrack to some highlight footage of players like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and others. Isn’t everything just 100 times more awesome with a Hall and Oates soundtrack?  They could be the soundtrack to a funeral and people would leave it saying what an awesome time they had.  Enjoy the old timey footage follks.  Apparently today is video Wednesday on the Deuce.

Tracy Morgan Keeps It Real All The Time

The NBA on TNT crew found this out recently when they did a live spot with Tracy Morgan and Kenny Smith asked him which female he’d rather sex up, Sarah Palin or Tina Fey.  The answer is classic Tracy Morgan.

Times are getting ill for Ricky Hatton. He’s taking a break from eating all the pies to return to the boxing ring. The News of the World (the newspaper equivalent of Media Takeout) reports that he renewed his boxing license with the British Boxing Board of Control.

Hatton, 32, who is now forging a successful career as a promoter has often hinted that he will not box again, but insisted: “I certainly haven’t announced my retirement and you never say never.”

“Floyd Mayweather Jnr was retired for two years not long ago and he made a successful comeback. It is only 14 months since I fought Manny.

Mayweather stayed in shape while he was out of the game. Hatton hasn’t fought since Manny Pacquiao beat him like a rented mule in 2009. He has to be pushing something like 230 pounds these days. However he’s known for packing on the pounds then dropping to the necessary weight before a fight. He hasn’t gotten any faster or stronger since his last fight. Just ask Charles Barkley what he thinks about these types of comebacks.

The former champ’s beloved Manchester City might be causing him to put on his gloves again. The club raised the luxury box prices by 11,000 pounds. Hatton and his friends are being forced to give up their box and sit in the stands with the common folk. Soon the Gallagher brothers won’t want to be seen with him anymore. They have a reputation to maintain.

Kenny Lofton Is A Great Sport

Funtimeinternet’s Scott Stephenson took it upon himself to hit up a pro-am golf tournament and ask some celebrities questions of varying silliness. The answers that he gets, of course, are the stars here. Some athletes play along, others, not so much. Here’s a couple of the good ones transcribed for you if you don’t want to sit through the video:

Stephenson to Kenny Lofton, “Throughout your career, you were known for stealing bases. Do you want to steal a golf cart with me?”

Lofton, “Ah, I can do that!”


Stephenson to Charles Barkley, “You had a video game, ‘Barkley Shut Up And Jam’, do you still maintain the stance that players should shut up and jam?

Barkley (not quite getting the joke),  ”Heh, naw man. I love the players, ya know, they’re so talented.”

Stephenson again, “You were in the movie Space Jam.  Was that real?”

Barkley (starting to get that this is a joke), “Well just another example of me making Michael Jordan look better than he is.

Ok, enough transcribing, watch the video if you wanna chuckle a little. If you stick through to the end, you will see the proof that Kenny Lofton is a great sport with this video. Not that it’s hilarious, just makes like the fact that Lofton seems like a guy that is pretty laid back and not just there to dole out the typical boring athlete-speak. He’s there to have some fun.

From Fun Time Internet

Douchebaggery At Its Lowest

These guys behind Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith during a live shoot in the stands of a NBA game are truly the definition of douche-bags.  Seriously guys, act like you’ve been there before.  That is all.

Bonus points for including the Beck song to whomever made this video.  Cheers.