By now you have heard the news that UFC has made yet another acquisition by buying up Strikeforce, home to scorned ex-UFC fighters like Frank Shamrock, and Paul Daley. Not to mention bigger draws like King Mo, Bobby Lashely (when was his last fight!??) Dan Henderson, and Herschel Walker.

Tim Marchman has a good column on SI about the barriers that the UFC must overcome in order to expand the business and compete with the likes of the NBA, NFL, and the WNBA.

Full disclosure, I am a Strikeforce fan. Just as I was a K-1/Pride fan, and a WEC fan before they got folded into the ever-expanding tent of UFC. Strikeforce is going to be separate until at least 2014, and they are immediately adopting UFC rules. Still, this is bittersweet for me because, although I like the potential future match ups, I believe that competition is best for consumers (straps dynamite to chest, prepares to run into the Comcast headquarters). Buying up Strikeforce potentially means that if Fedor wants to try his hand in the UFC heavyweight division, he can. It means that Herschel Walker can show up on a UFC card. It means that Bobby Lashley may someday fight again.

With Strikeforce now under the Zuffa brand, Bellator represents the only competitor left. Bellator is somewhat unique from UFC in that it structures its events around tournaments, rather then assigning match-ups. The roster does not have any big names for casual fans but the hope is that the concept catches on, like bj’s after Monica Lewinsky, or adopting african children after Brangelina. Like sex with your mom, I strongly encourage you to check out Bellator on MTV2. It won’t call you up in six weeks hysterical because you don’t like condoms, either. What am I, a sailor!?

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