I haven’t taken any pleasure from being an Orioles fan since 1997 when my heart was ripped out by a failed abortion named Jeffrey Meier. Since then, I’ve watched Tampa Bay and other expansion teams make and win the World Series. Camden Yards has been taken over by Yankees and Red Sox fans. The city allowed a hideous Soviet housing block-style Hilton hotel to be built that blocks the skyline view from the seats. Now fans can’t look away in disgust. Peter Angelos effectively choked out any interest I had in following baseball until the hiring of Buck Showalter.

Hire Showalter for two to three seasons. Fire him then win the World Series the next year. Genius. The team is already playing better. They’re playing so well (for the Orioles) that Felix Pie is putting out a rap album.

The transformation of Pie as a person is visible mostly in the Orioles clubhouse, when the player who walked around much of last year with a dour — and, at times, angry — expression on his face is laughing, joking and even dancing. Pie has a rap album coming out this month called “18 Cents,” a reference to his uniform number. He recently gave fans a sneak peak during a scoreboard segment filmed with pitcher Jeremy Guthrie that included the pair engaging in salsa dancing.

I’ve been searching for video of the scoreboard segment but no luck so far. His first video better have cameos from Earl Weaver, Walter Young (for T&A purposes) and Lenn Sakata. You can be sure there will be a review of the album on the Deuce as soon as we get our hands on it.

Glenn Davis! Glenn Davis gets the gas face!!

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