Say what you will about Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal but England were shit and deservedly beaten like rented mules. The back four was a disaster when they could be found for starters. Let’s not talk about the disappearance of Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard as well as the inexplicable sidelining of Joe Cole.

There are many other reasons for England’s failure such as a lack of younger players to rejuvenate the squad. The intense pressure from the media and public to win puts the team in an no-win situation. It’s easy to see the fear on their faces before matches. Any rational person knows England have no chance of winning the World Cup yet the papers and supporters talk about it as though it’s a done deal every time an international competition comes around.

Much of the blame will be placed on Fabio Capello for his selections, tactics and inability to motivate the players to fight. The stupid thing is that he can’t be fired because he signed an extension before the World Cup and the FA can’t afford to fire him. Typical. Whatever can be said about him, no one can’t say that he didn’t care. Don’t believe us? Let’s go to the tape.

Sven may have had a better track record and laid more pipe in secretaries than an oil company but he was killed by the press and viewing public for not looking like he cared. Somehow we’re pretty sure Capello won’t have that problem.

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