So, first Emmitt Smith did that “Just for Men” commercial highlighting (pun intended) his talents seen on “Dancing With the Stars.” I’m sure most of you have seen the commercial, hair dying, hospital gown, terrible acting and all but, just in case, here it is…

Now, the Chilhowee Dance and Permorming Arts Center is using Emmitt Smith to promote and encourage men to take and purchase dance lessons by pointing out that “Real Men Do Dance.” They point this out by going after their real target audience. The wives, brides to be, and daughters. Smart. Basically, they are giving women a talking point when selling dance lessons to the “husbands, grooms and fathers of the bride” in their lives by pointing out that these men will be “anxious to dance” because they saw Emmitt Smith having “so much fun” on Dancing With The Stars. See the blog and link to the Center here. http://http//

Let’s get something straight. I am sure most men would agree with me that the only way they can be encouraged to take dance lessons has nothing to do with pointing out Emmitt Smith had fun on a television show where sports stars dance alongside Tom Delay wearing animal prints and tight shiny pants. Especially since most men don’t dance like Hall of Fame running backs. Emmitt Smith: running back, dancer, beard dyer, and savior to brides who don’t want to look like idiots during their first dance? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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