There are a couple lessons we can take away from tonight’s Bernard Hopkins-Joe Calzaghe fight in Vegas.

1. Never say never because it will happen.

2. Never invite Ray J to your function. You will lose just like him.

Bernard Hopkins said he would never lose to a white boy. Well he did and in convincing fashion. Joe Calzaghe came to America and walked out with a messy split decision win over Hopkins.

Once again we have a British fighter come to Vegas and again we trot out some half-ass R&B singer to butcher the national anthem. Both times, they roll out Tom Jones. What do we do? Against Hatton, it was Tyrese. Against Calzaghe, Ray fucking J?? Who’s next? Johnny Kemp? J is only known for being Moesha’s brother and making bootleg sex tapes with status hoes. A fucking national disgrace. I demand Full Force next fight. We must represent.

Hopkins knocked down Calzaghe in the 1st round and it looked like the fight would be over even before it started. Calzaghe managed to get up and slowly take the advantage even though it seemed as though Hopkins could take him at any moment.

Calzaghe maintained his pace and advantage through the 10th and that’s when things got weird. Calzaghe brushed Hopkins’ balls in a playful manner and he dropped to the canvas. Replays showed the punch barely hit Hopkins if at all. He soaked up the five minutes given to him by referee Joe Cortez and the crowd started to boo in recognition of his time-wasting tactics.

In the 11th, Hopkins claimed he was hit by a low blow again but this time, Cortez was having none of it and told him to fight on. Of course he showed no ill effects from the phantom punch. Flurries were thrown but it was clear at that point that the fight was going to a decision.

One judge actually had Hopkins ahead 114-113. If Hopkins won the fight, it would have been the biggest fix at UNLV since losing to Duke. Calzaghe was a gracious winner in his post-match interview while Hopkins claimed that although Calzaghe dominated for half the fight, he should have won. It’s a good thing Max Kellerman didn’t bring up the fact that he lost to a white boy. I would have called my bookie and took Hopkins over Kellerman in the 1st.

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