If there’s one thing you can say about the French, it’s that their surrender game is strong. There’s no one who isn’t willing to make them submit. The Germans, South Africa and apparently Tunisian dentists.

The Tunisian dental industry is in an uproar over French defender William Gallas’ slight of their profession. He came down with a toothache while in Tunisia for pre-World Cup training. A French dentist was flown in to treat him as he didn’t want to deal with a local one.

The 1998 World Cup winner demanded that his personal dentist be flown out from France in a private jet to treat him at a cost of 25,000 euros, according to Tunisia daily Alousboui.

Tunisia’s dentists aren’t taking this lying down. They’re about to bring the ruckus and take Gallas to court.

…The 32-year-old defender’s behaviour has so incensed Tunisia’s dentists that they are planning to launch legal proceedings against him.

‘We are in the process of taking the necessary steps to take the French player to court for damaging the image of dental surgery in Tunisia,’ Adel Ben Smida, president of the Tunisian dentists’ union Stmdlp, told AFP on Tuesday.

He added: ‘We are determined in our action to give a lesson to this player and to anyone else who questions the image of our metier and the health service in Tunisia.

Maybe Gallas thought a trip to the local dentist would turn into a scene out of Hostel.

You don’t start a land war in Asia and you don’t mess with Tunisian dentists. It’s not clear what legal remedies they have but this should be interesting. The Doug Llewelyn and Harvey Levin interviews with the dentists, Gallas and people on the street should be money no matter how this plays out in court.

Maybe the Tunisian government will rendition him back to Tunis. Arsenal would be glad to assist like an Eastern European or friendly Middle Eastern country. Anything to get his whiny ass away from Emirates Stadium.

You can sit down if you don’t play for Germany. Michael Becker isn’t talking about you.

Becker, agent for former German captain Michael Ballack, caused a minor ruckus by claiming that several members of the German national team are gay or in his words, “half-gay”.

The inflammatory statements were made to Aleksander Osang of Der Spiegel two months ago.

…Becker told a group of agents and journalists in the Bayer clubhouse that there was a former player on the national team who was about to go public with the names of “the gay combo.” I expected my fellow journalists to be all ears, but they seemed relatively blasé about Becker’s remark. It seemed that every sports journalist was already familiar with the alleged homosexual conspiracy swirling around German coach Joachim Löw’s team. The rumors accompanied the team to South Africa. They are apparently part of the package.

Osang suspects that the rumors are connected to Germany’s different style as opposed to past teams which weren’t as exciting to watch. The team is multi-cultural and plays with more flair than ever. Many people, including myself, noted how much easier it was to support them in this tournament. No more “Eins, Zwei, Smash!” It was efficient and often deadly but not the most attractive soccer to watch. Let’s be honest. It’s also next to impossible to root for players like Oliver Kahn and Jens Lehmann.

…When [Osang] asked him whether he thought that a player whose nomination to the team had come as something of a surprise was gay, Becker said: “He’s half-gay.” When he said that, I realized that all of this was somehow synonymous with something Becker could no longer understand. It was something that was light, non-ideological, dance-like, beautiful, joyful, and easily confusing for someone whose life had revolved around pecking orders and hierarchies until then.

There’s also the suspicion that Becker is paranoid due to his diminishing influence. Ballack is his last big client so it’s in his interest to protect his brand. Neither he nor the former German captain took not playing in South Africa well. It’s apparent that the squad played better without him. They were able to play a faster, more flowing game that allowed them to attack and counter with a speed not customary to the Mannschaft (German name for the national team). The thought of becoming irrelevant is probably confusing and frustrating to Ballack and petrifying to Becker.

There is, of course, the real underlying issue. So what if a player or several players are gay? The only thing that matters how they perform on the pitch. There’s no need to rehash the difficulties gay athletes avoiding abuse. It’s no wonder that most wait until they retire before they announce their sexuality and it’s hard to blame them in the current climate. The Bundesliga and Premier League are no different than the NFL or NBA. Intolerance towards gays abounds in professional sports be it from fellow players or supporters. Think of the courage it took for Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas to come out of the closet. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he can kick most people’s asses.

Statements like Becker’s do nothing but encourage continued discrimination. Professional and amateur leagues need to tackle homophobia in the same way they’ve dealt with racism,  Spain and Italy excluded. Castleford Rugby Club was smacked with a £40,000 fine after its supporters taunted Thomas with homophobic chants. There are so many other ways to personally attack players without resorting to racism and homophobia, people. Let’s get back to Posh taking it up the arse or Scousers stealing hubcaps and radios.

Germans and soccer fans should be embracing this new-look German team and salute what they were able to do and how they were able to do it. Second loser is still pretty good. There may be disappointment but there should be no shame in losing to the champions. This is the new and frankly better Germany whether Becker likes it or not.

By the way, have you seen Everton’s new away kits? Holy shit, they’re gay. Damn. My bad.

The Notorious B.I.G. rapped about “beating muthafuckas like Ike beat Tina” in Machine Gun Funk (NSFW language). If you’ve seen the freestyle video from when he was 17, you know he wasn’t joking. He and Tina Turner wanted to know what love had to do with it. Unfortunately for English women, love’s got nothing to do with England World Cup losses.

I remember hearing that domestic violence skyrockets in Wisconsin when the Packers lose a game. Apparently the same happens in England. There were 353 reports of domestic violence in the Manchester area alone after England was knocked out of the World Cup in a 4-1 defeat to Germany.

Fears that the World Cup would be accompanied by a surge in domestic violence appear to have been realised, with one police force recording the greatest number of incidents since 1 January on the day England were knocked out of the tournament.

A spokesman for the force said the figure was the second highest recorded so far this year — and 15.7% higher than the same day last year.

Too bad the English team didn’t have that same surge in them.

Seriously, people need to check themselves. It’s only a game. It’s no surprise that domestic violence goes up especially in soccer and football. I’ve lost count of the fights I’ve had to break up between supporters of different teams over wins and losses as well as other stupid nonsensical, drunken arguments.

Seemingly rational people lose it when it comes to their favorite teams. I’ve been accused of doing the same but never in a violent manner. The fact that police and other entities have to campaign against domestic violence during sporting events is pathetic. Your wife or girlfriend didn’t play defense like a 3-legged geriatric elephant or disappear for the whole tournament like Wayne Rooney.

Here’s the Biggie freestyle referenced above. We warn you. This is a verbal beatdown and should be a crime.

Oh sweet baby. That kid probably ran home crying to his mother.

It’s almost over, soccer haters. The World Cup is coming to a close. The final and 3rd place games are all that remain. You can go back to fellating LeBron James and Brett Favre. Next week, it’s back to feeling empty for a month until NFL training camps and European club football start again. No longer will you have an excuse to drink excessively for days on end or watch sports at work. Your liver and boss probably won’t complain.

We’ll miss the spectacle of the World Cup and easy excuse to embrace xenophobia. However it won’t be hard to say goodbye to the vuvuzela. They turned into white noise after the first several games but we were also comforted by the knowledge that they would stay in South Africa. We could go back to piped in music and cheers over stadium/arena speakers after July 11th.

Good riddance to vuvuzelas. I don’t need to worry that a swarm of bees is attacking from all directions. They even drive people to kill. Who better than to send the vuvuzela back to China* than the good people of Will It Blend?

* Where did you think vuvuzelas were made? Same place as everything else.

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I’m going to miss the World Cup when it’s over.