If there’s one thing you can say about the French, it’s that their surrender game is strong. There’s no one who isn’t willing to make them submit. The Germans, South Africa and apparently Tunisian dentists.

The Tunisian dental industry is in an uproar over French defender William Gallas’ slight of their profession. He came down with a toothache while in Tunisia for pre-World Cup training. A French dentist was flown in to treat him as he didn’t want to deal with a local one.

The 1998 World Cup winner demanded that his personal dentist be flown out from France in a private jet to treat him at a cost of 25,000 euros, according to Tunisia daily Alousboui.

Tunisia’s dentists aren’t taking this lying down. They’re about to bring the ruckus and take Gallas to court.

…The 32-year-old defender’s behaviour has so incensed Tunisia’s dentists that they are planning to launch legal proceedings against him.

‘We are in the process of taking the necessary steps to take the French player to court for damaging the image of dental surgery in Tunisia,’ Adel Ben Smida, president of the Tunisian dentists’ union Stmdlp, told AFP on Tuesday.

He added: ‘We are determined in our action to give a lesson to this player and to anyone else who questions the image of our metier and the health service in Tunisia.

Maybe Gallas thought a trip to the local dentist would turn into a scene out of Hostel.

You don’t start a land war in Asia and you don’t mess with Tunisian dentists. It’s not clear what legal remedies they have but this should be interesting. The Doug Llewelyn and Harvey Levin interviews with the dentists, Gallas and people on the street should be money no matter how this plays out in court.

Maybe the Tunisian government will rendition him back to Tunis. Arsenal would be glad to assist like an Eastern European or friendly Middle Eastern country. Anything to get his whiny ass away from Emirates Stadium.

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