Chicago Bears fan Jeremy Piven wasn’t pleased when he was busted making comments about Ben Roethlisberger during Sundance.

Piven was talking sports during some downtime last week at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, when he said the Super Bowl, set for Feb. 6, would have been a better with the New York Jets and his hometown favorites, the Chicago Bears on the field.

“Now its Rapist-berger and the cheese heads,” Piven said, referring to Sunday’s Steelers-Packers matchup.

“The cheesy rape burger,” he then riffed, drawing chuckles from another man in the room.

Piven lamented being caught on camera but he should be happy that TMZ was there for a change. Someone heard what he was trying to say. He needed a burger good enough for Ben Roethlisberger. He needed one sloppy like Big Ben’s game with college girls and with enough cheese to back him up in case of another sushi attack. The guys from Epic Meal Time heard his cry and came up with the Sloppy Roethlisberger.

20 pounds of beef. 20 pounds of bacon, pork slab, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and a bun that would even impress Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Have a little Four Loko Chili on the side along with Four Loko in a cup made of bacon. Don’t you want to taste “crazy alcohol rainbow pig”? Super Bowl party. Super Bowl angioplasty. Same thing.

Would a Molesty-berger be a normal sized version of the Sloppy Roethlisberger? Big Ben would probably throw down on both of them when he’s not busy finding his religion. That’s him in the corner…with your little sister.

H/T: Intentional Foul (Ticket Solutions)

Fuck you, NFL. Seriously. How dare you? Remember when you had a Super Bowl in Detroit? Did you invite Motown legends to perform at the halftime show? No. You went abroad and got the Rolling Stones as if to mock the people that did it first and more importantly, right. We’re subjected to Faith Hill every Sunday night and now you go and pull the most heinous of musical crimes.

Forget the flags, F-15 fly-overs, troops and other “USA!” hoopla the NFL throws at you every week. They’re all lies. Subterfuge even. If the league really cared about this country, it wouldn’t make the Black Eyed Peas the halftime entertainment at Super Bowl XLV in February.

The expected choice would signify a generational shift for the NFL, which played it conservatively during the last six years with boomer rockers and mainstream arena stars Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Prince, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Bruce Springsteen and the Who. That seemed in direct response to Janet Jackson’s notorious breast-revealing “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004.

Why punish the whole country for the mistakes of the few? Does the NFL want kids to see grown women piss themselves like the drunk, homeless guy talking to himself at the Broadway/Lafayette stop?

If seeing Janet Jackson’s breast was bad, how does the NFL think this will go over? Isn’t it hard enough for young people to get a decent education these days without dumbing them down with idiotic lyrics? Why not have them chug lead paint while we’re at it? Most people will be lucky if they remember all six vowels at the end of the set.

You think that guy who shot up his TV after watching Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars was an anomaly? Just wait until the BEP play.

The NFL somewhat redeemed itself with the Prince and Bruce Springsteen halftime shows which were actually decent. They failed again with The Who. The producers of the CSI shows must have pictures of Roger Goodell with a goat. How does a purveyor of kiddie porn get into the country anyway? Research, my ass.

Justin Beiber and Willow Smith must not have been available but there’s plenty of time to force the millions watching to whip their hair. What’s Up With People doing these days?

Say Good-Bye To Those Coors Coaches Ads

Remember that Coors Light ad?  Well you won’t see any more like it, at least you wont see one with any sort of NFL branding on them because Anheuser-Busch owners InBev just locked down the official beer of the NFL rights for a cool $1.2 billion.  Say that with me, $1.2 billion dollars.  If there is ever a deal that is good and bad for the owners, its this one.  How on earth can they claim poverty come negotiation time with the NFLPA when they signed this mega deal and this is just one of their many “official” sponsors?

In this down economy, the new beer sponsorship will, according to the St. Louis Business Journal, pay the league $42 million in the first  year and increase to $50 million by the end of the 6 year deal.  Currently, they are being paid $3o million a year.  That’s a pretty nice raise, yes/no?

Budweiser used to be the official beer of the NFL but they’ve never had as much exclusivity as they currently have.  Right now, Budweiser is the official beer of 28 NFL teams, the exclusive beer of the NFL and the exclusive beer of the Super Bowl including the logos that go along with it.  As great as that is for Budweiser, I think it might not be the best for the fans.  Not because we need to see a variety of beer commercials, no, who cares about commercials really, that is just the point of the game where I run to the bathroom or check my fantasy team.  No, the most troubling thing about the deal is that we still probably won’t see another Bud Bowl since it was created because Bud didn’t have the Super Bowl logo rights at the time.  Now they have them and I am sad.  I still want more Bud Bowls.  That is good Super Bowl commercial gambling entertainment there.

I mean, this is about 10 times better than any of those coaches commercials, right?

The Deuce happened upon these Jay Glazer tweet pics and just had to post for all to comment on them.  Look at those friggin outfits.  Wow.  Glazer and Payton were in the Orpheus Parade this year and these were their outfits for that gigantic spectacle and man they are loving it huh?  What is up with Sean Payton doing the metal devil horns sign, not very saintly.  Also, I’m not exactly sure why Glazer is there but I am sure the reason why he is holding the Super Bowl trophy is because Payton is enjoying a tasty po’ boy and needed some latcher-on to hold the trophy for the Super Bowl Champion.  The dialogue for this scenario in my head went something like this:

“Boy!  I say boy!  Hold this here trophy while I eat this sammich right here!  Yes that’s right, now….oh snap, camera,” coughs and emits a high pitched Iron Maiden-esque voice “METAL!!!!!”

Here’s some more Payton and Glazer

Glazer’s caption to this photo sheds a bit more light on who the heck these other guys are in the picture:

Riding in the orpheus parade today w sean payton, mickey loomis, pat green, bobby hebert. What an unbelievable party!

Again, sweet friggin outfits but seriously…why the heck is Jay Glazer there?  He’s no great New Orleans musician.  He didn’t win anything this year.  He isnt some great athlete from New Orleans’ past.   He is just a reporter…kinda/sorta.  And more devil horns or is he signing “love” all ‘gangsta’ style or somethin.  Too many questions, just enjoy the pictures.