A 12 year old kid could be the next Shaun White or Tony Hawk.  Tom Schaar has landed what used to be an impossible move, a 1080.  That’s right, 3 full rotations, 1080 degrees around and 100% impressive.  Check out this little bit of skateboarding history being made in the video below (the magic moment starts at about 1:10) :

Most impressive but surely this kid will have a knock against him in that he did the trick on Red Bull’s Megaramp, which is by no means a standard ramp. One has to wonder if other skaters can get enough speed and height to do this trick on this ramp once they get the chance? Sure it takes an incredible amount of body control and balance to do it, but that ramp had to help out getting him high enough in the first place.

Still, its very impressive and certainly nothing that Tony Hawk or Shaun White has accomplished on a skateboard. Its been about 13 years since that day in 1999 when Tony Hawk hit the 900 and now that trick has finally been surpassed. Young Tom Schaar just might have a bright future ahead.

5 Mind Blowing New Ways to Skateboard

Its the spring time people! That wonderful time of year that, if you live in a densely populated area like myself, you can drink outside all weekend and stare at women in sundresses. Now, if you really want to impress those women while you are on the way to grab a tasty beverage, check out these brand new MINDBLOWING (see above) ways to get around on a skateboard. People be designing some crazy ‘ish over the winter.

1. Mind Controlled Skate Boards

This board is called the Board of Imagination and its by Chaotic Moon Labs (remember that name) and it is a skateboard that you literally control with just your thoughts. From a recent CNET article:

The obviously named Board of Imagination integrates a neuroheadset from a company called Emotiv, with a Samsung tablet running Windows 8, which is in turn connected to the skateboard’s motor. The headset translates thought into electrical circuitry that’s routed through the tablet, into the motor, and powers the board. Simply put, you think-it goes.

How sick is that? I hope you clicked through to see the video because i don’t feel like embedding it and robbing them of their hits.

Sure, its true, you can’t run out and buy one now, but when this technology actually comes to mass production can you imagine the new level of laziness it’l create? I mean this is lazier than the Segway and NOTHING is lazier to use than a Segway (ok, well maybe a Rascal). This could create a whole generation of atrophied kids who don’t ever have to physically exert themselves to get anywhere ever again!  Just stand, think, go!

Screw the hoverboard from Back to the Future II, I must have one of these when they come out!

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At First I Was Like Whoa, Then I Was Like WHOA!

So people flying down large hills on skateboards is pretty impressive to see, but we’ve probably all seen a video or two of it already. If you’ve seen a couple, you pretty much know what you’re in for. That’s what I was saying to myself when I first started watching this…until I got to 1:14 in the video. Right there is where I saw a dude rolling down a hill at 60m.p.h. wearing a short sleeved shirt, shorts and a helmet. He wasn’t even wearing any shoes.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of bad-ass. Watch for yourself.

It is huge (that’s what she said). Wouldn’t you like to get on that (that’s what she said)?  How much fun do you think it’d be to climb on top of that and go to town (that’s what she said)? Its a shame the ride had to end prematurely (that’s what she said). Aaaaaaaand i’m done. Watch the video.

THIS Is Dedication To Your Craft

In this video we’re going to change from our normal random acts horrific violence to watch this kid named Daniel Pelletier skateboard. Generally the skateboard videos we show are only impressive because of someone wiping out in spectacular fashion, well this one is a bit different. Pelletier is paralyzed from the waist down and he still shreds. Internet, meet your newest sensation.

H/T to EJ Hayes