To say Liverpool defender Paul Konchesky is having an awful season would be an understatement. Liverpool are a flaming bag of crap but he stands out even more than the team as a whole. How bad is it? His mom is showing more fire and passion than he has all season. Two problems. She’s doing it on Facebook and she’s talking shit about Liverpool and its supporters.

Carol Konchesky took her Facebook page down after posting a status update ripping the team and its fans.

Konchesky took offense to comments made about her son by fans after he had another shit game against Stoke. She decided to respond via a Facebook status update. Let’s just say she didn’t hold back.

It takes next to nothing to set Scousers off on indignant rants and robbing sprees. This situation was no different. Konchesky was forced to take her page down after angry fans started bombarding it with what I’m sure were calm, logical responses.

One person had a reasonable response to Konchesky’s comments.

Les Lawson, secretary of the Official Liverpool FC Supporters’ Club, said: ‘Comments like that are deeply unhelpful and extremely disappointing.

‘We Liverpudlians have been called worse in our time but the only person who is going to end up harmed by those comments in the long run is Paul Konchesky.’

Lawson is right. Konchesky is probably thankful this past weekend’s matches were snowed out. If he thinks he’s getting it bad now, just wait until the next match. His mother can forget going to any home matches. If there’s one thing Liverpool fans do besides steal, it’s never forget to remind you of any perceived injustice. Best of luck to the Koncheskys. They’re going to need it.

Jack Spade said it best in the video for Boogie Down Productions’ Jack of Spades. “That’s my theme music. Every good hero should have some”. Javier Hernandez also known as Chicharito or Lil’ Pea is quickly becoming a legend to Manchester United fans after saving the team with his last-minute heroics in several games.

Salsa artist Choco Orta took an old Jose Feliciano song and changed the lyrics to come up with “Chico is the Man”.

This is bullshit. Everyone’s getting their own theme song. Big Daddy Kane has one. Everyone at the Deuce needs their own music. I’m calling Mannie Fresh to come up with the most ignorant shit that’ll make your head bounce. “M period Fresh comma, yo wife is my baby mama”? Fucking genius.

Aww look at Newcastle striker Andy Carroll. He was a little Joey Barton in training but now he’s all growns up. First he was arrested for beating on his ex-girlfriend. He was released on bail with the condition that he move in with captain Kevin Nolan. He then woke up one day to find his Range Rover burnt to a crisp in Nolan’s driveway and graffiti painted on the garage. Now he’s moving out after partying with a bunch of groupies after Newcastle destroyed Sunderland 5-0 almost two weeks ago.

Carroll and Nolan along with two others picked up three girls and brought them back to Nolan’s house after going on a 12 hour bender following their derby win.

The pair were said to have kicked off their drinks spree at 6pm in Ponteland, Northumberland - near the plush pad Nolan shares with Hayley, 29, daughter Jasmine, four, and the couple’s baby son.

The footballers - joined by a pal of Nolan’s called Carl and a “close protection officer” hired to guard Carroll - then moved on to Newcastle city centre. There, they drank in two bars before partying until 3am in a club - linking up with three girls aged around 20.

The group continued their celebrations - which angered Toon boss Chris Hughton - at Aspers Casino until 5.45am before all going back to Nolan’s hom

Carl and the guard fell asleep as the players continued partying with the girls, one dressed provocatively in a black catsuit, in Nolan’s cinema room.

At around 7.15am, Carroll is said to have beckoned one lass upstairs. Fifteen minutes later, the girl in the catsuit joined them and the giant striker was heard yelling: “Ride me! Ride me!”

Nolan remained downstairs with the third girl. Cocaine was allegedly left by one girl on a cinema room table.

Needless to say, Nolan’s wife was away when they brought the girls back to the house. Both players deny any use or knowledge of any drugs being present however pictures obtained by the News of the World show coke in clear view.

I forgot to mention that Carroll was just fined and forced to pay compensation for a previous nightclub assault. Obviously there have been no repercussions as he has played in every match since the incident. There’s no way he’s getting benched as much as he’s been scoring on and off the pitch. Hopefully he’s wrapping that mess up. He doesn’t want to end up like Aston Villa’s Gabriel Agbonlahor.

You want to see things get real, MTV? Move Carroll in with Joey Barton and have cameras follow them everywhere. Guaranteed ratings.

This one goes out to Andy Carroll and all his catsuit wearing hoes:

UPDATE: Joey Barton accepted a 3-match ban for punching Morton Gamst Pedersen during a match on Wednesday. Why do you think he decided to act up again? Coincidence? I think not. He couldn’t have Carroll stealing his thunder. Declaring he’s not a role model? Come on, dawg. Now you’re getting desperate.

Real World: Newcastle needs to happen now. Add Kevin Nolan as the “straight man”. Sol Campbell can be the angry black roommate as well as the … um … do I even need to say it? Let’s just say he’ll take care of two normal Real World categories in one “shot”.

Newcastle Is Finally Back Where It Belongs

Regardless of your feelings about Newcastle, there’s no question that they belong in the Premier League. There’s always the danger of a newly promoted team going right back down like West Brom who I’m convinced do it on purpose. However Magpie supporters can feel confident that their team is back.

It has nothing to do with sitting 5th in the table and beating Arsenal this past weekend. It has everything to do with their supporters letting it all hang out again.

Welcome back, Geordies. Now someone please explain the origin of the word. No one from England has been able to give me a proper explanation. It’s like asking someone from Indiana to define “Hoosier” or explain how Andy Reid still has a job.