Ever since Alistair Overeem started eating babies “eating horse meat” there have been whispers that Overeem’s physique was on the wrong side of the vial. Overeem was an enigma, who remained heavyweight champ of Strikeforce despite defending the title only once in three years. If he had been a fighting champion there’s no question it would have helped Strikeforce put out a more competitive product to better compete with UFC.

Despite the steroids rumors, Overeem was a big score for the UFC; he was a legit heavyweight and the division needed them. Overeem was immediately awarded a fight against former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, beating him in the first round DESPITE the fact that he technically skipped town before his drug screening for THAT FIGHT, and got a conditional license from Nevada for the fight. Despite all the red flags though, Overeem delivered and he was rewarded with a title shot against Junior Dos Santos for UFC 146.

Dash my hopes and dreams, FOX SPORTS:

Overeem, along with all other main-card fighters, was tested at a press conference in Las Vegas to promote the UFC 146 pay-per-view event, at which Overeem was scheduled to take on UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos. “The Demolition Man’s” sample came back showing an elevated level of testosterone, a result that indicates the illegal use of testosterone as a performance enhancing substance.

There’s still a chance that the “B” sample of Overeem’s urine will come back negative, but don’t hold your breath, this fight is probably not going to happen. Be ready to watch Frank Mir take on Dos Santos, which could be okay except Mir is inconsistent.

At the risk of going Florio on everybody here, it’s absolute bullshit that Overeem was able to put the UFC in this position in the first place. The UFC pushed Brock Lesnar to the moon when he first arrived in UFC, he was given a heavyweight title shot after just three fights, and now he’s back in WWE, so why didn’t White learn anything from that experience? Why was a rematch against Velasquez for Dos Santos so out of the question?

MMA expert Turd Ferguson addresses the recent addition of Brock Lesnar to UFC’s reality show, “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Although rumors of his departure to fight “The Undertaker” at WrestleMania have been loud, a much more likely destination for Brock Lesnar since his loss to Cain Velasquez would have been out exploring the Adirondacks, hunting and killing his food each and every day and growing a beard that would rival those worn by the members of ZZ Top.

Instead, UFC President Dana White announced undefeated Junior Dos Santos (6-0 in UFC), and Lesnar (5-2), will be the coaches on the upcoming 13th season of “The Ultimate Fighter.” The two heavyweights will also fight in June with the winner receiving a shot at Velasquez (12-1), who is holed up waiting to undergo surgery on the torn rotator cuff he suffered in his victory over Lesnar. Lay down a triangle until I tap ESPN:

The season will feature welterweight fighters and follow the same format as recent seasons. A field of 28 fighters is reduced to 14 official cast members by elimination fights usually aired on the first episode.

Welterweights? That’s only 170 lbs! Consider this: Lesnar walks the earth at around 300 lbs most of the year -he likely has bowel movements that weigh more than the guys he is going to be training. Brock is also famous for being reclusive, preferring to live and train in low-key, small town, ultra-white Minnesota rather than in more popular areas like Las Vegas, Arizona, or California (popular for fighting, partying, whatever!). He is also not known as someone who seeks advice from a lot of other fighters or for using his words. In addition, he’s not known as someone who enjoys being on camera, which is anathema to people like Tito Ortiz…or Ortiz’ wife when she’s making a living.

I guess what I’m saying is, get ready to see some UFC door smashing.

Taping of the show is set to begin later this month, debuting on Spike TV March 30. Now that Monday Night Football may be gone for the foreseeable future (as owners attempt to gouge the players), I guess it’s either this or reruns of “The Golden Girls.”