I don’t know why, but there is something hypnotic about this video. Some geniuses at Robokeeper.com (the site is in German, at least until Google translated it for me) have developed a robotic goalie that you will never, ever, get a ball past.  Don’t believe me?  Well watch and be HYP-MO-TYZED like I was. I barely recovered quick enough to write up this blog post. Be thankful for that, i guess. Check it:

This talk of robots did get me thinking about how in my youth I was promised a future that was chock-full of robot athletic endeavors. What happened to the robot football and baseball leagues that I was promised?

Aren’t we about at that point now with football that it has gotten too dangerous for humans? NFL players, for example, are sustaining head injuries at alarming rates and injury rates are higher than ever (no actual research conducted for either one of those statements) isn’t it time we start creating robots to play football?


Also, we are a mere 8 years away from the year 2020 and there has been no progress towards the SUPER BASEBALL 2020 league?!  MLB players have had to resort to steroids and amphetamines to play the game the way everyone actually wants it to be played (I have heard that women prefer the “long ball”) so why not just make some hulking robots play each other and keep our fellow man’s gonads in tip top shape whilst they play the “classic” baseball game?  I want to see some 900 ft home runs dammit!

Sure people are TRYING to make robot sports leagues, but this is not what i’d call scintillating action.  I feel like I was told that in the future we’d have robot athletes, hover-boards and flying cars and none of these things have come to fruition.  The future sucks, let me tell ya.

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