I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I read the report Wednesday afternoon indicating you were looking at a possible suspension (or banishment) from Major League Baseball because of your involvement in illegal high-stakes poker games. Much like the rest of the choices you’ve made throughout your career, it was something only an arrogant, inconsiderate, and selfish player would do: the type of player you’ve personified since you entered the league almost 20 years ago.

Even though you were warned a few years back to stay away from these games, you continued to participate. I know you’re a historian of the game, so you’re familiar with Pete Rose, no? You understand throughout the history of professional baseball, gambling’s the only deal breaker? Yet, you still think you’re better than everyone else; a different set of rules apply to you. That’s probably why you took steroids, cheated on your wife, talked poorly about your friends and teammates to the press, announced your free agency in the middle of a World Series (you weren’t playing in), re-hired your drug-running cousin, and got involved with this idiotic blood doper, after you admitted using steroids.

I wish I could say these transgressions were simply off-the-field, but they aren’t. You yell at opposing players to distract them from fielding, you preen and pose after every big hit, force yourself to the front of a camera shot anytime a teammate accomplishes something, you pick fights your teammates are left to finish, and you slap gloves. I won’t even go into the complete headcase you were before the 2009 playoffs.

A-Rod, I want to like you. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt. But the fact of the matter is you’re an overpaid, washed-up shell of your former self. You’re a mess. And you need to go away.

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