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The Redskins have a plan and they are sticking to it…what that plan is, who knows. Lets get right into the good, bad and uuuuuugly after two days of NFL free agency:

The Good (so far)

They finally traded McNabb

Sure the Redskins traded away a 2nd and 4th round draft pick to acquire Donovan McNabb but getting possibly two 6th round picks for a guy that whose trade value they utterly decimated over the course of last season is a rather good move.

Ok, seriously, getting ANYTHING of possible value for him would have good. They could have traded the Redskins a box of Brett Favre bobbleheads and anyone in their right mind would have been thrilled.

Ok, honestly, who are we kidding, just getting McNabb off the team is good, getting something for him is merely a bonus.

[Update] They finally traded Haynesworth

Well look at this! The Redskins accepted a 5th round pick from the Patriots in exchange for Albert Haynesworth.  Pats get another troubled athlete that Belichick should be able to get the most out of for a year or two and the Redskins actually get something of value for their troubled and highly over-paid star defensive lineman.

That this happened is rather shocking. That they got a draft pick at all for him after the season and off-season that Haynesworth had is mind blowing. What is going on at Redskins Park? How are these smart trades happening?

Could this be a year without drama for once? HAHAHA, yeah right! Still, good move Redskins!

They made 2 smart free agent decisions (so far)

Signing CB Josh Wilson isn’t the flashiest signing the Redskins could’ve made for their defensive backfield, but it is one of the smarter moves they could’ve made. For just $4.5 million a year for 3 years, they get a guy who has improved every year in the league and was good enough to start on the Ravens’ top 10 ranked defense last season. Topping it all off he’s also a local guy, having played at Maryland.

While he’s not a superstar talent at the position, he is talented and he should at least be able to do what Carlos Rogers did (or didn’t do) last season. Even if he doesn’t work out, this type of player investment, at his age and price, is exactly what the Redskins need to do to fill out their roster.

They also resigned Santana Moss to a 3 year $15million dollar contract, which, in light of what Santonio Holmes and Sidney Rice got from the Jets and Seahawks respectively, looks like a perfectly sane contract for a player of Moss’ stature.

The Bad (so far)

They signed a undersized nose tackle that isn’t actually a nose tackle

Signing former Giant Barry Cofield is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, the Redskins need bodies on their defensive line and signing anyone that is a “high motor” player that doesn’t seem to get injured is a welcome addition in a spot of need for the Redskins.

On the other hand, giving a 6-year, $36 million contract, with $12.5 of it guaranteed, to a man expected to play a position he hasn’t played since college 6 years ago, and is undersized for at this level, seems a little…um…foolish? That is a lotta change to just assume that he’ll fit in at nose tackle even though he’s never done it as a pro ever and is physically not made for the position. Its also a lot of change for a guy that, while a starter on a solid Giants D-line, has never really been the best guy on a line and is just “a guy”. I’d venture to say he wasnt even the 3rd best guy on their line.

Sure there will be a rotation at the nose tackle just like last year, but when Cofield is in the Redskins had better hope opposing QB’s don’t take notice and audible to a run play straight in his direction.

I guess there is something to be said for taking him away from a division rival but this move might not have been the best.

The Ugly (so far)

They signed another backup QB

As of right now, the Redskins are starting a career backup QB (Beck) and they are considering resigning a backup QB (Grossman) so what else should they do to stabilize the quarterback position for 2011??  Sign another backup OF COURSE!  In comes Kellen Clemens, signed to a 1 year deal. He has spent his whole career playing backup for the NY Jets and last year lost out to Mark Brunell. MARK BRUNELL PEOPLE!! If he couldnt start over Brunell, why on earth is he still in this league, let alone on the Redskins? Everyone in D.C. knows what Brunell can’t do at this stage in his career and if he can do MORE than Clemens then WHY WOULD YOU WANT HIM?

They wasted another draft pick

The Redskins drafted Jeremy Jarmon with a 3rd round pick in the supplemental draft two years ago when they needed help on their 4-3 front.  Since ownership decided to change coaching staffs yet again, and the new coach installed a 3-4 defense, Jarmon was deemed no longer viable and was traded.  Despite costing the team a recent 3rd round pick while being a young and promising player on a defensive line that had too few of those types he was set to be cut before they traded him away. What a waste.

It is a by-product of a short sighted ownership group and it is sad, but since they were going to cut him anyway getting something of value for him could’ve been considered goods except…

They got a WHOLE bunch of motherf*$(&* OLD wide receivers?!?!

They traded a defensive lineman going into his 3rd year for a wide reciever entering his 10th in Jabar Gaffney. Gaffney’s best two seasons in the NFL were with the pass happy Broncos the last couple years, but he still could never get over 875 yards with them…and now he’s a year older at 30 years old.

Also, the Redskins signed free agent WR’s Donte Stallworth (30 years old) and Brandon Stokley (35 years old) to contracts. [UPDATE - It appears that Stokely will not sign with the Redskins because he thinks the Redskins have too many receivers on the roster. What, being the 14th receiver is just one too many? You too good for the Redskins Stokley?!? Whatever, this is a good thing]

I seem to remember something like this happening last year with the Redskins only at the running back position. They threw a bunch of cash at older running backs Willie Parker and Larry Johnson to go along with older back Clinton Portis. How’d that go again? Oh right, Parker was cut before the season started, Johnson was cut a few games into the season and Portis got hurt.

Moss (32 years old) hopefully won’t be the Portis of this season but Gaffney/Stallworth/Stokely will certainly play the Parker & Johnson roles.

Look, just let Armstrong, Hankerson and all the other kids play and develop. Signing all these old farts to take up valuable snaps in training camp will only slow down their progress. DO IT FOR THE KIDS!

Honestly, if the Redskins just took the money they are going to allot to those 3 receivers and put it towards just one “decent” receiver like Malcolm Floyd or Mike Sims-Walker it would’ve been much better.

So that’s it so far…what could possibly happen next? Asomugha? Aubrayo Franklin? Jared Gaither? Stay tuned…


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