That above caption seems to constitute reporting for most major sports news outlets’ NFL coverage these days. To that, I say, “C’mon people, give it a rest.” This is all akin to being that annoying commenter who always has to chime in with “FIRST” and has nothing else to say. No one likes it and you are contributing nothing to the conversation. You are just filling up empty space with more empty space.

Granted, its partially the sports fan’s fault. These guys have made their living reporting rumors and guesses that they get from their sources inside the NFL and most people eat up that sort of “news”, but this is getting ridiculous. Its not even news anymore. Its “newsish”. You have sources, they say its close to ending, we get it, let us know when it is actually over.

Guess what, I have sources too, my sources say the NFL lockout will continue until it they lift the lockout. We will all pretty much know at the same exact time when the lockout actually ends.  Being first will not matter one bit. No career will be made by announcing the lockout is over first. A press conference will be called and Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen, Jay Glazer, Mike Florio and a thousand other mouthbreathers will tweet and write up a 4 line blog post as fast as they possibly can just so they can be first.

I’m just sick of seeing John Clayton or Schefter on TV telling me random dates of when the lockout will end and then laying out a schedule of events if what they are saying happens. Suddenly all NFL reporters are Nostradamus. This is not reporting. This is guessing. Newsish.

Look, just give it a break. We all know the owners and the players are close to a deal thanks, in some part, to your somewhat accurate reporting. I say somewhat because most these reporters have been saying the lockout was close to ending for the better part of a month now and reality has finally caught up to their guesses and rumor spreading. Congrats guys. Way to keep up those journalistic standards.

But really, cut this shit out please. Just tell us the facts and stop your guessing.

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