MMA expert Turd Ferguson strolled into the Deuce offices (aka “The Big Hunt”) last week, sat down and called for three fingers of Kentucky Gentlemen and a High Life.  Then he demanded we allow him to write about football.  We had no choice but to oblige.

If Gordon Gekko has taught American moviegoers one thing; it is that greed is good. If he has taught us two things, it is that greed is good and that Charlie Sheen wasn’t just pretending to like hookers when he played the role of “Bud Fox.”

Yes, America loves Gordon Gekko almost as much as we love stories about rags-to-riches-then-rags athletes, particularly those of the “busty” variety. Former No. 2 overall NFL draft pick/Detroit Lions’ historic skid mark Charles Rogers may need to rethink his approach to maintaining his empire as he watches burly men load his possessions into a moving truck.

Take the couch, but leave the dog, Detroit News:

Former Lions wide receiver Charles Rogers is facing foreclosure on a second home after defaulting on his mortgage and owes more than $421,000, according to a legal notice published Tuesday.

Rogers defaulted on a mortgage for a unit in the exclusive The Willits condo building in downtown Birmingham, according to The Legal News. A foreclosure sale is scheduled for 10 a.m. Feb. 22. in Oakland County Circuit Court.

Tough break for Rogers. Just like the countless passes he didn’t catch, it seems like financial stability just slipped through his fingers. Hey, what’s worse than defaulting on one mortgage? Try two.

Rogers, 29, considered by some as one of the biggest busts in NFL history, defaulted on a $1.04 million mortgage for his Novi mansion last fall, according to The Legal News.

Greed is good, but diversity is key. Hey Chaz, the Asian Markets look promising in 2011 and I like the movement we’re seeing from pork bellies.  Furthermore, I think the Agriculture Secretary’s frozen orange crop report could help the Dukes corner the market this year! (removes monocle, leans back in executive chair, folds arms behind head, falls).

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