What is happening here?  This photo was taken by NY Jets tight end Dustin Keller, apparently on the team plane back from Cleveland where the Jets just beat the Browns 26-20.  Keller stuck it up on his Plixi account for us all to see and I am now forever grateful.

What is Sanchez doing here though?  Is he doing his impersonation of De Niro or Brando?  Is this just how Sanchez actually talks?  It would really warm my heart a lil bit he did talk like this all the time and I have no idea why.  Also, side note, why does he look so much like Adam Morrison here?

The most astounding thing about this picture, to me, is surprisingly not so much the raccoon hat that Sanchez is wearing, no, it is that the star quarterback of the New York Jets does not get to sit in first class.  That is full on coach seating there. Sure he gets a whole row to himself, but c’mon Rex, hook the kid up.

I’d love to see the picture of first class with Rex Ryan and the whole coaching staff sipping on champagne and smoking Cuban cigars while lounging around in NY Jets logo’ed plush robes and slippers. That must be happening up there.  It must.

Mark Sanchez, raccoon hat wearing, coach class sitting, man of the people.

Is this pic dying for photoshops or what?

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