5 Mind Blowing New Ways to Skateboard

Its the spring time people! That wonderful time of year that, if you live in a densely populated area like myself, you can drink outside all weekend and stare at women in sundresses. Now, if you really want to impress those women while you are on the way to grab a tasty beverage, check out these brand new MINDBLOWING (see above) ways to get around on a skateboard. People be designing some crazy ‘ish over the winter.

1. Mind Controlled Skate Boards

This board is called the Board of Imagination and its by Chaotic Moon Labs (remember that name) and it is a skateboard that you literally control with just your thoughts. From a recent CNET article:

The obviously named Board of Imagination integrates a neuroheadset from a company called Emotiv, with a Samsung tablet running Windows 8, which is in turn connected to the skateboard’s motor. The headset translates thought into electrical circuitry that’s routed through the tablet, into the motor, and powers the board. Simply put, you think-it goes.

How sick is that? I hope you clicked through to see the video because i don’t feel like embedding it and robbing them of their hits.

Sure, its true, you can’t run out and buy one now, but when this technology actually comes to mass production can you imagine the new level of laziness it’l create? I mean this is lazier than the Segway and NOTHING is lazier to use than a Segway (ok, well maybe a Rascal). This could create a whole generation of atrophied kids who don’t ever have to physically exert themselves to get anywhere ever again!  Just stand, think, go!

Screw the hoverboard from Back to the Future II, I must have one of these when they come out!

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The Newest Thing In Golf Tech

I’m not a golfer, being the lazy blogger that I am that whole swinging of a golf club was way too much work to put myself through.  A good way to ruin a nice walk, am I right?  Am I Right?? Hah, heh, well, there’s a way around that whole, swinging a club thing that might have been preventing you from taking up the sport of golf…may we present to you…THE SWINGLESS GOLF CLUB.

Yikes.  Equally as dumb as it is cool to watch, eh?  I mean, the next thing is to just do away with the club and just shoot the balls down the course with a ball bazooka or something.  No idea what the practical purpose of this would be unless you were handicapped, and even then, you’re kinda defeating the purpose of golf if you aren’t swinging the club.  The only good thing about this is that I might finally be able to get a score as good as I can do in the Tiger game on the Wii.    That motion plus thing makes that stuff SO REAL.