MLB Gave the Sports World a Two-Day Hangover

In a span of about 90 minutes on Wednesday night, Major League Baseball melted the proverbial faces of the sporting world with three dramatic win or go-home games. For a generation of sports fans that want/need/must-have information at every possible juncture, Wednesday night’s finish was just about perfect. And if that wasn’t quick enough, 48 hours later, we begin the playoffs. A couple of quick thoughts about what went down on “Wild Card Wednesday” and the days ahead for this crazy, drug-free season. Read the rest of this entry

Look, I know we all love a good story and this year’s Pittsburgh Pirates are certainly that since after years and years of penny pinching and trading away talent for nothing, but c’mon this is not a team the entire nation should be rallying over and here is why:

Pittsburgh Major Sports Championships in Last 20 years:

  • Penguins - 3
  • Steelers - 2

Total Championships for Pittsburgh’s 3 major sports teams (baseball, hockey, football) = 16

That’s right, I’m not rooting for the Pirates soley because Pittsburgh fans are spoiled with the success of their other teams and need to have this one loser of a team stay a loser just so they can experience some of what the rest of America feels on a regular basis (especially this Washington DC sports fan).  Bitter much?  YOU BET I AM!

This is not rooting for some loveable loser of a team for a city that hasn’t won anything. No, this is rooting for a loser of a team that used to be a winner of a team like 40 years ago and that resides in a city of other consistent sports champions. The Penguins and the Steelers both won championships in the same year in 2008 for crying out loud. This is not a city we can or should all rally behind, America should be as bitter towards them as we are New York and Boston.

Why isn’t everyone rooting this hard for the Milwaukee Brewers? This is a baseball team that has never won a World Series. That is an underdog team you we should be getting behind right there. The last real championship this city has celebrated was in 1971 when the Bucks won the NBA championship, that is, unless you count the Packers as a Milwaukee team, which means they last celebrated a championship last year.

That Packers’ Super Bowl win definitely hurts their case, but only just a little bit.  The fact alone that the Brewers have never won anything, ever, is reason enough that the Brewers should be the underdog team that everyone should be rooting for this season and NOT the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Both cities are blue collar, both cities have awesome ballparks their teams play in, both cities have excellent beer options to choose from but one city is a bit more deserving of America’s fandom than the other. I say, root for Milwaukee this MLB season if you have to choose one underdog loser of a team to root for, not the Pirates! America loves an underdog and the Brewers are the real underdog here.

Bart Scott Should Try Out For WWE

Sal Paolantonio hits gold with this post game interview of Bart Scott after the Patriots lost to the Jets last night. Apparently Bart Scott felt a little disrespected by people. Something about people not giving their defense credit even though it is the #3 ranked defense in the league.  I dunno, maybe people didn’t give them any credit because the last time they played the Patriots, they had 45 points hung on them.  Just a thought. Anyway, Scott and his D stepped up to the plate this week and he wanted everyone…EVERYONE to know about it.

After his NFL career is done, he really should think about starting up a WWE career with the amazing amount of machismo bull-shit he is able to conjure up in what you are about to watch.  Its awesome.