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We at Deuce of Davenport are working with Guinness to help set a Guinness World Records title for ‘The Largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration’ ever. EVER! In doing so, the Deuce invites all of our readers to take the pledge that you are going to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish fashion - (drinking responsibly) with Guinness. This means you have the chance at HISTORY…oh and an awesome boozy vacation.

Here’s what you can do to win a trip and help out your buddies at the Deuce.  Head on over to the Guinness website by clicking right here, verify you’re “of age”, then click Join The Party. Enter the code DEUC in the Optional Code field so you can let Guinness know that we referred you and you’re done!

By doing this you can help Guinness set the worlds record for the largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration ever AND you can enter to win an all expense paid trip to Ireland for the official St. Patrick’s Day after party.  How awesome is that?

So, sign on up. We’re partnering with Guinness on this because we know that our readers know tasty beer (and of course, know how to drink it responsibly) and we know that you wouldn’t want to be left out of this event. Plus, they’re paying us of course.

Sign up HERE, enter code DEUC and enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!

Seahawks Cheerleaders In The Christmas Spirit

Its now just 2 days til Christmas and the Sea Gals, the Seattle Seahawks cheerleading squad, want to usher in the holiday with a reading of the timeless holiday classic, “Twas the Night Before Christmas”…and who am I to stop them?  The Deuce is fully into the holiday spirit this year after listening to the Nuggets rendition of Christmas in Hollis yesterday, so we’re going to keep it going with this.  Why not, huh?  It just feels right.

Sure this is not really super exciting, but if you wanted to hear the story this holiday season, it might as well be read to you by a bunch of cheerleaders.  Check it.

That needed more skin, didn’t it? Well this should make up for it:

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