Kenny Lofton Is A Great Sport

Funtimeinternet’s Scott Stephenson took it upon himself to hit up a pro-am golf tournament and ask some celebrities questions of varying silliness. The answers that he gets, of course, are the stars here. Some athletes play along, others, not so much. Here’s a couple of the good ones transcribed for you if you don’t want to sit through the video:

Stephenson to Kenny Lofton, “Throughout your career, you were known for stealing bases. Do you want to steal a golf cart with me?”

Lofton, “Ah, I can do that!”


Stephenson to Charles Barkley, “You had a video game, ‘Barkley Shut Up And Jam’, do you still maintain the stance that players should shut up and jam?

Barkley (not quite getting the joke),  ”Heh, naw man. I love the players, ya know, they’re so talented.”

Stephenson again, “You were in the movie Space Jam.  Was that real?”

Barkley (starting to get that this is a joke), “Well just another example of me making Michael Jordan look better than he is.

Ok, enough transcribing, watch the video if you wanna chuckle a little. If you stick through to the end, you will see the proof that Kenny Lofton is a great sport with this video. Not that it’s hilarious, just makes like the fact that Lofton seems like a guy that is pretty laid back and not just there to dole out the typical boring athlete-speak. He’s there to have some fun.

From Fun Time Internet

In a few days or weeks a court of law is going to determine if cheerleading should be considered a sport. In this case it is whether it fits under the context  of Title IX and the federally defined standards for sport.  Regardless, the outcome of this case is going to be interesting because it will finally end any speculation as to what cheerleading is as an undertaking.

I only hope this leads to other cases determining what officially is or is not a sport. I mean, take golf for instance. Certainly we need a ruling on this. Sure it is a game that requires a lot of skill, but being an athlete is certainly not a requirement. Any sport where a 50-60 year old man can compete or beat a 20-30 year old man in my book cannot be a sport. In my mind, its an activity, its a game, its even a game of skill, but sport, not so much.

If golf is a sport then bowling should be a sport…which, in my book, it isn’t either but I will leave it up to a court of law to decide. My argument against bowling (and golf for that matter) is that if you can smoke and drink and actually have that IMPROVE your performance, then whatever you’re doing really cannot be called a sport.

Also, we need a determination as to whether auto racing is a sport. Granted it takes a great deal of strength and endurance and you cannot smoke or drink while driving…but, in the end, you’re driving. You are driving a really really fast car and banking on some turns. You are in control of the vehicle, you steer it, but you aren’t the engine making it run. Horse racing is considered a sport for the horses only, no jockey has ever been considered an athlete, why should an automobile driver. Is it not essentially the same thing?

If, in the end, a court disagrees with me an allows all these activities as sports, then my God, won’t the flood gates open? Darts will soon no longer be part of the parlor game family and instead will want to be recognized as a true sport. Even poker will want in on the action.

Lines must be drawn somewhere. Let’s see how this ruling plays out first.

The Newest Thing In Golf Tech

I’m not a golfer, being the lazy blogger that I am that whole swinging of a golf club was way too much work to put myself through.  A good way to ruin a nice walk, am I right?  Am I Right?? Hah, heh, well, there’s a way around that whole, swinging a club thing that might have been preventing you from taking up the sport of golf…may we present to you…THE SWINGLESS GOLF CLUB.

Yikes.  Equally as dumb as it is cool to watch, eh?  I mean, the next thing is to just do away with the club and just shoot the balls down the course with a ball bazooka or something.  No idea what the practical purpose of this would be unless you were handicapped, and even then, you’re kinda defeating the purpose of golf if you aren’t swinging the club.  The only good thing about this is that I might finally be able to get a score as good as I can do in the Tiger game on the Wii.    That motion plus thing makes that stuff SO REAL.

Ludacris has put out a new single for his upcoming album “Battle of the Sexes” that is starting to set the internet ablaze.  Why you ask?  Well the track is entitled  ”Sexting” and starts out with Luda recreating the infamous Tiger Woods voicemail to frequent ho-bag Jaimee Grubbs. Pretty smart on his part, and a great way to get some early album promotion to tie his album in some way to the massive media scandal that is Tiger Woods overactive libido.

Now, usually I hate rap album skits.  So many of them are pure garbage and I thank Jeebus for digital technology that allows me to delete the vast majority of those tracks forever from my playlists.  However, for a minor rap skit on an album, its not horrible and sort of clever, especially from a marketing perspective.  Not a bad track either, give it a listen and a small chuckle.