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When you get dumped, there are usually a few steps one goes through before they can get over being kicked to the curb.  Hell, most of these stages are the main reason why Facebook exists.  In any case, it is completely understandable why Dan Gilbert is struggling with losing LeBron.  And although five months have passed, he’s still not there yet.  The Five Stages of Getting Over Your Break-Up, applied to Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert: Read the rest of this entry

Buzz Bissinger has come a long way since ripping Will Leitch a new one on HBO in 2008. The first step was appearing at Gelf Magazine’s Varsity Letters later that year. His attitude hasn’t changed. The anger management problem is still there and acknowledged. The rage is just directed at more appropriate people like LeBron James.

The Friday Night Lights author appeared on The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz on last Tuesday and set off a verbal Claymore mine talking about everything LeBron. Bissinger spent time with James while writing his biography, Shooting Stars. It’s an understatement to say that he has a strong impression of King James. He calls the book “the worst one [he's] ever written” for starters.

Listen to the whole interview here. Click on the audio from Tuesday 8/3/2010 5:00-7:00 PM.

If you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, here are some of the highlights.

On LeBron: “The man I met was down to earth. I thought there was a decency to him even though he was huge then and spectacular and I found it very, very attractive. I think when free agency came around, it completely changed. It began on Larry King when he appeared during the playoffs which I thought was inappropriate and it culminated in the most ridiculous, endless and worst hour of television in history which was this thing called The Decision…”

In regards to Cleveland and the Cavaliers: “He doesn’t really care.”

On Gloria James: His mom is a problem in his life. The worst interview I’ve ever done. The biggest prima donna I have ever dealt with. The biggest pain in the ass I have ever dealt with was his mother.

…She thinks she is Queen LeBron. She is not.”

It wasn’t all bad for LeBron. Bissinger did give him credit for having some redeeming qualities and hoped they are still there. He used the example of LeBron offering to pay for one of his teammates to go to Howard University while they were still in high school.

Bissinger also ripped ESPN and played Douche or No Douche which is a regular LeBatard Show feature. Give the whole interview a listen if you have time. It’s entertaining and gives some different insight into LeBron. The best thing about it? It hasn’t been pulled like an Arash Markazi story.

Stick around after the Bissinger interview to hear the Ron Magill show segment which is usually every Tuesday at 6. Your most random questions about animals will be answered.

You can say one thing about the Deuce. We’ll never whore ourselves out to Jim Gray and ESPN in order to give back to the children.

Here’s a message from NBA players who aren’t as fortunate as Delonte West. Feel free to share with your kids, legitimate or not.

Winston Bennett says that’s wrong on so many levels.

New LeBron James Commercials

Hilarious new commercials for LeBron James that kinda mash up the Tiger/Eldred commercials of a few months ago with young Bron Bron. I think Cavalier’s majority owner Dan Gilbert needs to put up the cash to actually put these spots on the air.  He’s just crazy enough to do this. I’d give it a watch, but make sure your headphones are on, there’s some NSFW language going on in here.