Them bulletproof coach pants can go up to his lip.

Former Wisconsin DB Leonard Taylor has strange ideas when it comes to threesomes. Involving Maria Sharapova is never a bad move but Barry Alvarez? I don’t know about you but the last thing I want near me is the man pictured above wearing headphones and screaming out plays and formations while I get it on with Maria. Well it would probably suck more if the headphone cord was used to choke everyone out Michael Hutchence style.

Taylor was arrested after making numerous death threats to Alvarez. He left “numerous” voicemails at the UW athletic department threatening to kill Alvarez and his family. He also said that he would kill Sharapova and her family after marrying her. Ah the praying mantis.

“I’ll kill you first, mother (expletive),” Taylor said, according to the complaint. “I’ve got 24 (expletive) hours mother (expletive). I’m coming for your (expletive) ass. You might have a (expletive) war.”

Later in the message he told Alvarez that he wanted to look at him one last time “before I pull the (expletive) trigger, Barry.”

This isn’t the first time Taylor made calls to Alvarez. In September, he made “strange but not threatening” calls before calling back last week and stepping his game up Single White Female style.

Taylor’s father says that his son is paranoid schizophrenic and has been off his meds for three months. H’s lucky he didn’t act out on his threats. Alvarez’s son, Chad never flinches. Taylor would have ended up getting toasted like a parrot. Barry ain’t skurred.

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