The Baltimore Ravens didn’t waste any time in applying Duke’s Eight Simple Rules for the 30 Year-Old Sports Fan.

The Deuce is taking credit for the Ravens’ new training camp autograph policy.

Citing safety concerns, the Ravens will conduct autograph sessions for children ages 6 through 15 after the morning practice. There will be no autographs following the afternoon practices, the team announced in a press release.

That’s right, grown ups. They did it so kids don’t have to get pushed around by you to get an autograph. This new policy falls under Rule #2 about following a team and not a player. There’s nothing wrong with having a favorite player on a team but that’s where it should end. There’s a thin line between respect and obsession. Fighting to get an autograph especially with kids around is just wrong.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have no intention of changing their autograph policies. Having kids rumble with adults for autographs is a great way to cover for Ben Roethlisberger while he grabs himself some sweet like Dennis Franz. Try walking around Pittsburgh on any given day and you won’t see much difference between the adults and children who are all wearing Steelers, sorry Stillers jerseys anyway.

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