Athletes love to switch teams and talk about how much they’ve always wanted to play in [name the city] for [name the team] because they have the best fans, great history or something else. Bullshit. Most times it’s money, the only team that would take you or a trade you couldn’t prevent.

It’s refreshing to see athletes be honest about their reasons for moving or feelings on other teams or players. Kyle Korver recently signed with the Chicago Bulls as a free agent. He was introduced in a press conference and a reporter happened asked him about his feelings on the Bulls growing up.


Korver could have easily said he loved Michael Jordan and the Bulls as a way to ingratiate himself with the fan base but he decided to be straight up. Good on him. More times than not, fans accept that players will come and go unless they get Bron Bron’ed or their favorite player moves to a deadly rival. Professional athletes are paid to do a job like everyone else. They may love the game but they don’t have to love the city or team. Just care for those two to three hours on the field or court and don’t insult our intelligence on the way in and out the door.

Who are we kidding? That’s too much to ask. Take it where you can get it. Perspective, people.

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