There should be a regulation that allows police officers to taser drunk college football players at any time. A taser would have done wonders when I bounced in Madison back in the day. 3/4 of the bar would have been twitching on the ground. I would have been firing off that taser indiscriminately like bukkake in a Japanese porno. Football players and entitled kids from Long Island rocking the black puffy North Face jackets and daddy’s credit card. Anyone who went to Wisconsin in the late 90s and early/mid 00s will know the bar.

Iowa running back Jewel Hampton and cornerback Jordan I. Morris-Bernstine were arrested for public intoxication and “cited for presence in a licensed liquor establishment after hours”.

Hampton was involved in several fights over the course of the evening in the same bar. Morris-Bernstine could have walked away but he kept interfering with the officers as they dealt with Hampton. This was after being told to move away. He didn’t listen so he was taken into custody as well.

Head coach Kirk Ferentz says the incident will be handled internally. Bobby Bowden would say that’s just “boys being boys” and call it a day. If Ferentz wants to put Iowa over the top, he needs to start handling these situations like Bowden and blame the victims.

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