Say what?  I know you’re looking at this and thinking that there is no way there is a sport that is named Dwile Flonking.  Well there is, its a pub game actually, and of course its from England.

Dwile Flonking consists of…well i’ll just let the newspaper tell you:

During the game, ”flonkers” use a pole to launch a beer-soaked cloth at opponents, with the aim of giving them a hearty wet slap in the face.

Rules state if their soggy missile misses its target twice in a row, the competitor must down a pot - or half - of ale as quickly as possible.

Thats right, the game is essentially opposite human beer pong. Instead of tossing a ping pong ball into a cup and making your opponent drink, you toss a soggy wet rag right onto your opponent’s face and drink if you miss.  How brilliant is this? Its beer pong brought down to its most basic elements! This is a far cooler bar game than icing some bro.

Scoring is as follows from their hilarious Wikipedia page:

  • +3: a ‘wanton’- a direct hit on a girter’s head
  • +2: a ‘morther’ or ‘marther’- a body hit
  • +1: a ‘ripple’ or ‘ripper’- a leg hit
  • -1 per sober person at the end of the game

Sadly for the sport, the inaugural tournament was cancelled due to health and safety reasons…but the real damage has already been done. Now America has picked up on it…and this game has only just started to take root into our consciousness. You can watch the video of it here on Youtube, and yes, for the game to work in America it’s going to have to be Americanized, like moshing instead of dancing and some metal music instead of flutes and fiddles, but I predict big things for Flonkers everywhere in the future.

Spread the word. FLONKERS UNITE!!

From Telegraph U.K.

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