New Mexico head coach Steve Alford was forced to apologize for calling BYU’s Jonathan Tavernari an asshole when his handshake was refused after the Lobos’ hard-fought won against BYU. Non-Mormons would have taken his ass to the street. We already know what LaGarrette Blount would have done. Milwaukee Washington would have double Blounted his ass.

Quevyn Winters and Dominique Williams of Milwaukee Washington High School were suspended after punching a referee after their loss to Milwaukee Bradley Tech.

In the report filed with the WIAA, the official wrote that a player threw a punch at him and that an individual “launched at me again and hit me in the chest,” said Deb Hauser, the WIAA’s associate director.

Winters was suspended, per WIAA rule, for making aggressive contact with an official and will not only miss the end of this season but 25% of the team’s games to start next season. That is six contests.

The investigation found that Williams did not touch the official, but he was suspended for the remainder of the season by MPS for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Who knew Milwaukee high school basketball was so gangsta?

Washington coach Jay Kenseth didn’t witness the incident as he was shaking hands with Tech players. However that didn’t stop him from saying that punches weren’t thrown.

… Based on what his assistant coaches told [Kenseth], he doesn’t believe there was a punch.

“As far as it being a situation where somebody got punched, that’s not true,” Kenseth said.

It never happened but he apologized on behalf of his players and the school. Now that’s some textbook Arsene Wenger for you.

Here’s footage from the New Mexico-BYU post-game confrontation. Unfortunately there’s no audio of Alford calling Tavernari an asshole. He’s just mad that he’s not getting his own planet when he dies. Dumb dumb dumb.

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