Yeah, you read that right. Serena Williams just returned from Kenya, Africa where she was opening a second school for children. The school is named The Serena Williams Secondary school. Oprah can do things like this. She’s Oprah!!! Rainbows, candy, and unicorns follow her wherever she goes.

Serena Williams is not Oprah. Her horrendous display of sportsmanship, in my opinion, should never have been glorified by awarding her female athlete of the year. Way to be a role model for all those young female athletes of the world. So, maybe this is an attempt to repair her public image?

Or maybe not. After spending a whole three days in Kenya, she posted on twitter how happy she was to be returning home. Maybe that’s because she would rather be the student. Just days before leaving for Kenya, Serena enrolled herself in school to become a nail technician! Why? Well duh! She posted on her blog on that she totally gets a mani every 4 days and a pedi every 7. Wow, that’s a lot of nail polish. She’s dedicated to completing all 240 hours of the course to become certified. 3 days at 24 hours a day=a lot less than the time she will spend on her nails.

I salute the Brooklyn hipsters on the F train who spent a decent amount of time defacing the Venus Williams ad at the Smith street station. I only wish it was Serena in the photo.  She deserves some defacing.  Then again, maybe she spent enough time ruining her own public image.

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