Ludacris has put out a new single for his upcoming album “Battle of the Sexes” that is starting to set the internet ablaze.  Why you ask?  Well the track is entitled  ”Sexting” and starts out with Luda recreating the infamous Tiger Woods voicemail to frequent ho-bag Jaimee Grubbs. Pretty smart on his part, and a great way to get some early album promotion to tie his album in some way to the massive media scandal that is Tiger Woods overactive libido.

Now, usually I hate rap album skits.  So many of them are pure garbage and I thank Jeebus for digital technology that allows me to delete the vast majority of those tracks forever from my playlists.  However, for a minor rap skit on an album, its not horrible and sort of clever, especially from a marketing perspective.  Not a bad track either, give it a listen and a small chuckle.