Neighbors probably became nervous when Peter Postlethwaite showed up at their door to offer a proposition or just borrow some sugar. Kobayashi (not the competitive eater) succumbed to cancer yesterday at the age of 64. He was known to most as Kayser Soze’s right hand man but his career was much more than his supporting role in The Usual Suspects.

We’ll get back to the sports in a minute but we figured we’d learn you a bit about Postlethewaite. He played the father of Daniel Day-Lewis in In The Name of the Father. Language NSFW.

Postlethwaite was also wrecked by an alien in Alien 3. Unfortunately I couldn’t find YouTube of the kill. He was also in Jurassic Park 2: Electric Boogaloo, Amistad, The Constant Gardener and Inception.

Besides Postlethwaite’s movie work, he was also in numerous TV series. He made his start on stage and eventually returned to it in King Lear.

When these actors come through town on stage, go see them. It’s worth it. I’m talking actors like Postlethwaite and Patrick Stewart. Feel free to skip the Brendan Frasers. Then again if I have to tell you that, you’re already a lost cause.

The Guardian has a strong retrospective of clips covering Postlethwaite’s career. Check them out here.

UPDATE: A friend from Warrington just informed me that Postlethwaite is from Warrington and not Liverpool. He’s not the only one. Tim Curry is also a Warringtonian as is Ian Brown, formerly of the Stone Roses.

The infamous Rick Astley hails from there as well. That’s more than famous for those of you not in the know. You may know him from such hits as Together Forever and Cry for Help. You may even have been rickrolled.

She also informed me that Warrington is home to Britain’s first IKEA. They also have welly wanging competitions. I assumed that’s slang for wanking but apparently it’s “throwing a welly”. It’s “like tossing the caber”. Well that clears it up. That’s knowledge for life, people.

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