If you’re going to go down for something, the least you can do is go out in a blaze of glory like Maurice Clarrett. Former Vikings head coach Mike Tice scalped a bunch of tickets for what? A bucket of week-old Taco Bell shrimp and a pink slip. Let Robbie Earle show you how it’s done.

ITV World Cup pundit Robbie Earle was fired from his job for passing “substantial number of [World Cup] tickets” allocated to him to a “third party”. It turns out the third party was really a party. If 36 Dutch women aren’t a party, I don’t know what is.

Here’s where things get interesting. The women, all wearing orange dresses as the Dutch do, were part of a guerrilla marketing campaign by Bavaria Beer. The women showed up at the Netherlands-Denmark game and were promptly arrested by FIFA? Is that like getting arrested at Disney World?

The models were detained and questioned by FIFA and police who informed them that “ambush marketing” is illegal and punishable by six months in jail. One can only assume FIFA jail is having to service Sepp Blatter and Jack Warner in some Swiss ice palace in the Alps.

It should be noted that Bavaria Beer is not an official sponsor of the 2010 McDowell’s Meisterbrau RC Cola BP Sorny World Cup. The dresses didn’t have any logo on them but they come with every purchase of Bavaria.

Bavaria’s excellent response?

“Fifa doesn’t have a monopoly on the colour orange.”

Maybe so but shart brown is the official color of the World Cup.

Enough. We give you video of these brave, intrepid women unlike others who tease you with words and pictures.

It won’t be long before these martyrs take their place in the pantheon of South African heroes alongside Steve Biko, Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela.

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