I guess Bob Delaney knows a thing or two about marketing. According to the Sacramento Bee, the former New Jersey state trooper, former undercover agent and current 21 year veteran NBA referee’s upcoming book “Covert: My Years Infiltrating the Mob” is due out in January and the timing of it is a bit dubious in light of the mob gambling scandal that recently rocked the NBA. The book details “his life in the 1970s as Bobby Covert of Alamo Trucking working his way inside the Mafia.”

The book should prove to be an interesting read because I would like to learn about how stupid the Mafia actually is to not think that a man named “Bobby Covert” was NOT a covert, undercover, agent trying to infiltrate them. That name is worse than Ron Mexico or Max Power. If you’re trying to go undercover, I’d think you really would not want to have “COVERT” as your name. It is a wonder this guy is alive today, but hey, he is, and he’s smart enough to know the value of good timing. Mobsters and NBA Refs are HOT these days, Hansel hot.

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